Satoshi’s Lounge First Shopper’s Experience

Melanie kondo
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3 min readDec 8, 2021


On Monday, November 21st, the gates of Satoshi’s Lounge (SL) opened, granting access to the top 24 ranking Lootizens. One by one, they purchased their plots of land for a fixed price of 50 LTT. On the same day, eight plots of land were also being auctioned off in time-based traditional auctions.

Since the top-ranking Lootizens were the first to experience our commercial realm, we had to get their feedback on their shopping experiences at Satoshi’s Lounge.

Many of our first shoppers were impressed with the lounge’s aesthetics, most describing it as “aesthetically pleasing.” Many admired how easy the lounge was to navigate and how clean and high-end it looked. We are glad to know that the minimalist approach served its purpose in terms of usability.

A quote from one of our Lootizens:

“I loved the aesthetic of the gold and white for the chosen design of Satoshi’s Lounge. The tiles portraying the different plots for sale were easily discernible, with each location being represented by a different image. I accessed the site on mobile and desktop, and they were both very easy to navigate.”

This brings us to the lounge’s usability, as our biggest goal was to provide a seamless shopping experience to our Lootizens. Many described the process of buying land on Satoshi’s Lounge as an “easy process,” one even specifying that it took about three clicks for the process to be over.

One Lootizens told us:

“Purchasing on the site was a very smooth process. I just clicked on the tile of the product I wanted to buy, and it took me to another screen to complete my purchase.”

Another said:

“The process was very smooth and seamless. The login process was amazing. I loved how everything was linked, and I could log in to both SL and the Loot Arena with the same credentials. I also love the fact that my LTT wallet is directly connected to SL. The escrow that holds LTT when they are used to bid at items is also pretty amazing.”

While Satoshi’s Lounge is a store in the metaverse, it is not like your typical e-commerce store. Lootizens differentiated Satoshi’s Lounge from the basic e-commerce stores saying:

“It is definitely not like the average e-commerce store. It feels like an out-of-this-world experience. You feel immersed in Lootverse.”

The most significant differences noted are that LTT is the sole currency used in Satoshi’s Lounge and that regular e-commerce stores do not have an auction section. Also, shopping in a decentralized setting with no need for KYC (know your customer; a method to verify a user’s identity) and quicker payments set Satoshi’s Lounge apart from regular stores by leaps and bounds.

We finally asked shoppers if they would be coming back to Satoshi’s Lounge, nearly 100 percent of them said they would definitely be coming back.

We did receive some recommendations from our first shoppers. A few found the bidding process too complex and time-consuming, especially navigating to new sites when bidding. We take all feedback from the Lootizens into serious consideration, and we will definitely be working on making the shopping experience as smooth as possible.

We look forward to seeing all the Lootizens shopping in Satoshi’s Lounge!