Tagging NFT buildings to your plot

Melanie kondo
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3 min readDec 24, 2021


We have analogized Lootverse as a virtual take on the game of Monopoly. As its name suggests, the primary objective of the famous board game is for players to own a monopoly of a color group of properties while in the process, hoping their opponents go bankrupt. The process of reaching the game’s climax entails improving your land with houses, hotels, etc., which ultimately increases the value of the land.

We plan to offer users the same methods of land improvement. Soon, users will be able to tag buildings (i.e., residential buildings, corporate buildings, etc.) as NFTs to their NFT plots.

A series of architects will design a limited number of buildings for Lootverse, each being different in layout, design, and size. Like other limited-edition products and services, the buildings will be sold from Satoshi’s Lounge. However, everyone will also be able to design custom buildings provided they follow the standardized process.

Standard and Style of First Page of NFT building Tagged to A Plot
Elevations and Views of The Building

Information about the building, such as its size, the number of rooms in the building, and the number of occupants the building can accommodate (for those users planning to rent out their building), will also be available.

Once buildings are purchased, they can either be kept by the building owner or tagged to the owner’s plot. To tag a building onto your land, you would first need to view the measurements of the building in terms of Agrums (each Agrum is equivalent to a square foot in Lootverse) and then pay LTTs to have the NeoWorlder team measure your plot of land to determine if the building would fit on your plot. For example, if your plot measures 200 Agrums, you cannot tag a building that measures more than this amount. However, multiple buildings can be tagged onto your plot as long as they fit.

Once you tag a building onto your plot, you cannot sell that plot without the building. users looking to demolish or improve their buildings will need to pay per Agrum to do so with LTT. Tagging buildings to your plot of land could improve the value of the plot like in the real world.

Also, the God Matrix may impact your plot with natural disasters. With buildings on your plot and LTTs at stake, you may need to acquire insurance from an in-world insurance business to protect your property from the effects of the God Matrix.