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In 2021, the art world was taken aback by a groundbreaking sale when artist Beeple sold his digital artwork “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for a record-breaking $69 million at Christie’s Auction House. This sale highlighted the emergence of NFTs, which have made a significant impact on the technology and finance industries. As a result, platforms supporting these unique assets must continuously evolve to stay ahead of the competition.

To address this need, a team of passionate crypto-experts has developed an ecosystem powered by exclusive NFTs that enables users to engage with NFTs on multiple levels. This ecosystem includes a battle-bidding arena (Arena), a unique marketplace (Satoshi’s Lounge), a virtual representation of a parallel world (Lootverse), and many more incredible spaces.

Each component of the ecosystem has been carefully curated and operates as a separate entity yet is interoperable with single sign-on capabilities and shared transaction ledgers. The Lootverse map, the Arena, Medici Principality, Satoshi’s Lounge, X by SL, and Isle of Talos are the six sites that form a unique destination that emulates real-world interactions, including member governance, fiscal management, land provenance, commercial activity, and entertainment.

The Arena

The Arena is where the action begins, with gamified auctions allowing users to buy Bid Units (BUNs), bid for unique NFTs, and mine Tickets (TIX). The community encourages creators while competing for NFTs and unlocking mystery gifts and rewards. By playing in the arena, users mine TIX following the Proof-of-Play protocol. In these time-based NFT auctions, miners battle to outbid one another.

Loot Tickets and Satoshi’s Lounge

TIX is our virtual simulation’s currency, redeemable for products and services in Satoshi’s Lounge, our virtual e-commerce store. Satoshi’s Lounge is a recently launched platform where members can redeem their TIX for exclusive items and services, including plots in Lootverse, exclusive physical products and services, participating in the Parliament (member governance), staking, and much more.


Lootverse is a virtual representation of a parallel world that users can explore and benefit from the financial rewards of the simulation. The world is divided into 4,880 plots of land represented on our virtual map, where users can mint up to four of their NFTs, telling their unique story of their land. Landowners can also benefit from their plots’ zoning, which provides different rewards and benefits to their owners.

The Fund

The Fund is NeoWorlder’s very own virtual real estate and business fund where plot owners can manage their Lootian land, administer rights, earnings, and rewards. Depending on which zoning their plot has, users can mint their NFTs, collect rewards, and revenue.

X by SL

X by SL is an exclusive honor-based auction available by invitation only, accessible through NeoWorlder’s X by SL Tablets. The auctions allow users to bid without crediting their accounts first, and the device connects to other tablets. The system’s native token (TIX) is used as gas to record the winning bids on the blockchain.


HABN is NeoWorlder’s Ethereum-based permissioned blockchain that leverages the ecosystem’s potential as a whole. It caters to high transaction throughput and acts as a Validator-As-A-Service (VAAS). Using proof-of-authority consensus, Isle of Talos is built for businesses aiming for simplicity and predictable costs while performing very high-speed transactions.

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