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The First African Recording Artist to Join Loot Arena

Many talents worldwide have featured their works in Loot Arena, including celebrity artist David Banegas, talented painter Salomon Cohen, and DJ and producer, Boryana. Soon, the talented recording artist Victoria Kimani (curated by 4IRNFT) will feature her work in Loot Arena. She will be the first African celebrity to auction off her work in Lootverse.

Victoria Kimani is a Kenyan musician, actress, and entertainer. Born in Los Angeles, California, she discovered her passion for singing at age nine and nurtured this talent. She performed as a backup singer in her church at the age of 16. Victoria describes her music as an infusion between African music, pop, and RnB (Afro-pop music).

Victoria Kimani

She returned to Kenya for her tertiary studies, but she eventually left college to focus entirely on her music career. In late 2012, Victoria was signed as the first female artist by the record label, Chocolate City where she was referred to as the record label’s “first lady.” She released her first single, Mtoto (Swahili word for child) under the label. She decided to part ways with the label after her contract expired, then began her journey as an independent artist.

Victoria believes in pioneering trends in the music industry, saying that she is “a little bit obsessed with doing things first.”

“I think in many ways I’ve been ahead of the game, but I don’t know if that always works in my favor. I think most artists can attest to that. They do things early, and sometimes it’s too early for the market to understand it, but I enjoy that. I love that process, and I love watching my ideas come to fruition, even if it happens years later. It’s a really cool process.”

Victoria has been nominated for several music awards throughout her music career, including Most Gifted Newcomer Video (Channel O Music Video Awards), Best International Female Artist (African Entertainment Awards), and many more. She was also featured in the film, 7 Inch Curve.

Victoria has always been outspoken on social issues, such as women’s empowerment. She had the opportunity to collaborate with the ONE Campaign to discuss women’s empowerment and male chauvinism. Her support for women is seen in her song, “Strong Girl,” which features other influential female musicians.

Victoria Kimani is known across Africa for her famous hits and bold sense of style. She has also featured talented artists, Diamond Platinumz and Ommy Dimpoz.

She will be listing a segment of her hit song “Gimme Money” in Loot Arena. She describes it as “a very danceable, upbeat song.”

“ ‘Gimme Money’ is a song that was very much birthed during the pandemic. It’s supposed to be uplifting. Africans like to dance through their struggles, we like to escape through our music.”

“Gimme Money” visuals

Although Victoria is new to the metaverse, particularly the NFT space, she is very excited to tap into this new sphere. She believes “Everything is digital now. It’s like a whole other universe that we are living in. This is my first time doing anything like this, and I’m very, very excited. I can’t wait. It took time, but when I really understood the concept, it was a no-brainer. I was like, wow, this is a way for my music to exist in a whole other realm, and for me, that’s very important as an artist because we are always thinking of how to get our music to the people. A lot of the time with the music platforms, especially in Africa, sometimes we end up giving our music out for free. We create, and we put so much into our music and very rarely do we reap the full benefits of that, so to be involved in a community, digitally, that honors and uplifts art is like such an honor.”

The Afropop Powerhouse describes her experience with Loot NFT as making her feel “Immortal” and allowing her to expand her reach, providing avenues outside of YouTube. She is “excited and honored” to be the “First recording artist in Lootverse.”



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