Things to watch out in the arena this Halloween week end.

James Duchenne
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2 min readOct 30, 2021


New Look for the battle pit: caps and increase cap buttons.

(1) All auctions are capped. In no limit auctions, anyone can raise their cap only once. In hard capped auctions, the cap cannot be raised. The hard cap 500 auction may sell for significantly less BUN due to the hard cap. This is an experiment and we’ll be watching closely.

Slight changes to the arena, potentially big changes to the strategy of the game.

(2) The information box for each auction will not show to those that have not joined an auction in which it relates to.

(3) The information box will include the following: the total cap at auction (that is the available cap balance of all users), the bid bots will now show how many available BUNs a bid bot can bid across all bidders, the amount of LTT that were burned to raise someone’s cap, and a penalty box for those that break our rules (i.e., do not spam bid, do not bid in last 3 seconds). For more, check out this article.

(4) Lastly, the joining fee will increase from 20 minutes before the battle-bidding auctions start, and double every 20 minutes. Within 4 hours of the increase, no new participants will be able to join the auction. This is down from 12 hours previously.

So, be early, don’t spam bid or bid in the last 3 seconds.