Top 10 highest valued NFTs in Lootverse (USDC)

Melanie kondo
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4 min readNov 30, 2021


Loot Arena, one of the NFT marketplaces in Lootverse and the site where LTT are issued, was conceptualized as a means to democratize access to NFTs, empowering people from various economic backgrounds to purchase unique creations at a lower price than they would have anywhere else.

The solution to the following questions drove its innovative product: How can anyone purchase Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”? How can we limit saturation in the marketplace and drive attention to unknown talents, and break out their brands?

With just under 80 NFTs in the custody of Loot NFT Co, the creator of Loot Arena, we present below the top 10 ranked NFTs by USDC value.

10. Jagger Moves, curated by NFT Curation Partners- USDC 13,927.61

Kicking off our countdown is Jagger Moves, the first creation by Yuliya Loginowski, a pop artist from the USA. It is also the first of her three NFTs to make the top ten list. This tribute to Mick Jagger was won by @JumpingIn and stands at USDC 13,927.61 (186,789 BUN).

Jagger Moves

9. The Manifestor, curated by Aya Curators- USDC 16,210.80

Coming in ninth on the list is The Manifestor was created by Shaun Beyond, a multifaceted illustrator from Mauritius. Shaun has listed three artworks in our arena, two of which have ranked in the top 10. This piece is currently valued at USDC 16,210.80 (203,635 BUN) after having been won by @Elliott.

The Manifestor

8. Elon’s Acknowledgment, curated by Aya Curators- USDC 16,365.67

Elon’s Acknowledgment is the first meme to enter Lootverse. Avishek Shirlall, Mauritius, shared this famous meme which attracted a response from Elon Musk on Twitter. The meme (and the screen capture of the response) achieved a value of USDC 16,365.67 (208,161 BUN) and is owned by @KMoney.

Elon’s Acknowledgment

7. Mercury Rising, curated by NFT Curation Partners- USDC 16,975.58

Mercury Rising is another tribute to a legendary frontman, Freddy Mercury. This piece is also Yuliya’s Loginowski’s second artwork to make this list. The painting is owned by @Apollyon and is valued at USDC 16,975.58 (201,511 BUN).

Mercury Rising

6. Modern Rebel, curated by Aya Curators- USDC 18,376.53

Mazin Ahmed created Modern Rebel and donated the auction’s proceeds to alleviate the impacts of the political unrest in his home country of Sudan a few weeks back. The story behind his creation allowed for a deeper connection with the piece. Modern Rebel, now owned by @Kellz, sold for USDC 18,376.53 ( 245,842 BUN).

Modern Rebel

5. StarDust Dreams, curated by NFT Curation Partners- USDC 18,456.41

StarDust Dreams is Yuliya Loginowski’s final artwork to make this top 10 list. Her tribute to David Bowie is owned by @BChainBen and achieved USDC 18,456.41 (233,26 BUN) on auction.

Stardust Dreams

4. Oxygen, curated by 4IR NFT- USDC 19,149.74

Oxygen marks the first-ever GIF listed in the Loot arena, and it is the first of two GIFs to make the top 10. Robert DiMatteo from the USA created both NFTs. This piece was sold for USDC 19,149.74 ( 225,489) to @Bones on the 30th of November.


3. Arsenic, Curated by 4IR NFT- Still in auction

Arsenic is Robert Dimatteo’s second piece listed in the Loot arena, ranking both of his creations in the top 10. As this NFT is still in auction, it’s hard to predict the outcome. The GIF is currently in auction for over USDC 21,000 (over 250,000 BUN) at the time of this article.


2. Emergence, Curated by Aya Curators- Still in auction

Emergence has taken the second spot on the list. The NFT has accumulated over USDC 21,300 (over 250,000 BUN so far and remains in the auction. Chitra Dookhan, from Mauritius, created this art piece.


1. The Thinker, curated by Aya Curators- Still in auction

Topping the list is The Thinker, by Shaun Beyond. This NFT is still in auction, making it the longest-running auction in Loot Arena’s history, having been live for about three weeks. There’s no telling when this auction will end; it is at over USDC 38,000 currently and the first to pass 400,000 BUN.

The Thinker