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Upcoming site: The Government

Six sites already exist in Lootverse:

  1. Loot Arena: Where Lootizens mine LTT, our native currency, by participating in NFT auctions.
  2. Loot NFT World: Our virtual World filled with 4880 NFT plots.
  3. Satoshi’s Lounge: Our commercial shopping district where LTT are redeemed for limited edition items not available anywhere else.
  4. The Fund: Our fantasy real estate and business fund where Lootizens mint NFTs onto their plots and manage their land.
  5. X by SL: Our honor-based auction tablet where invited Lootizens bid on rare items in USD, and those who staked their LTT get rewarded.
  6. HABN’s blockchain: Where transactions in Lootverse are recorded.

Soon we will introduce The Government, the 7th site in Lootverse. The Government will act as the official gateway into Lootverse. Those entering our metaverse will be able to buy credits with USDC at The Government (credits are our in-world currency used to buy BUN, LTT, and pay for shipping at Satoshi’s Lounge).

The Government will also issue Lootversian passports at a fee. Owning a passport automatically grants you citizenship in Lootverse and those that do not own passports are considered tourists.

Lastly, The Parliament, which is currently located in Loot Arena, will soon move to the Government. The Parliament exists to enforce member governance in Lootverse and allow Lootizens to govern their own virtual World. Lootizens can set motions and vote in The Parliament.

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