Author writes stories based on the sounds heard from his Restroom

We mean the sounds which originate from outside the restroom, please!

Bengaluru, India — Chethan Bhagowda, a Techie by profession, didn’t boast of the world’s best digestive system, at least during a period of a month, 6 months ago. He frequented the restroom a number of times everyday. However, that in a way, helped him to grab a place in this year’s Booker Prize Author Nomination List.

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Chethan utilized his restroom time by using the mobile phone in the right manner, and not for snap-chatting and all. He took notes of the sounds he used to hear from the adjoining apartments/stalls whenever he was taking a dump. Most toilets in any apartment buildings are built in such manner that one can hear sounds from other flats (or restrooms which should be ignored actually, Chethan suggested). Even if one uses office restroom, there is always a story cooking in the nearby stall, which people use to play Candy Crush, give interviews, talk to their spouses and what not.

Chethan used the sounds and framed stories which he collated in his latest book, ‘The Other Sounds inside my Restroom’. Yet another case of Techie becoming a writer. This book quickly became a Bestseller because everyone could relate to the stories. People felt that it was their stories. The quarrels in the kitchen, the teens talking about their affairs, the kids crying for the balloons, the couple fighting over time taken for make-up, the elderly calling their maids to help them get up from the toilet seats, etc. made the stories down to Earth and mind-boggling-ly real.

“I have developed ears to listen to the minute sounds from other places and I quickly jot them and frame stories out of them” — Chetan

When we asked Chethan about this experience and future plans, he said he was pretty much pumped up from the news of his nomination and decided to over-eat Biryani to celebrate. This in turn, he said, will help him to get his stomach disturbed once again, and will help him in writing a sequel to his book.

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