Local Political Leader Regrets Missing Out On Threatening Film Actors

Caught Napping but not in compromising position

Castepura, India

Pretty well known, local political leader, Raju Raj is a name to be reckon with. Or, as we say, was a name to be reckon with. In the ongoing protests against certain movies (not putting out names of the movies because this is perennial so what’s the point anyways), Raju Raj missed out announcing bounty on actors’ heads. Not only that he missed out with a press statement or sound bite or a footage with sword summoning his followers to burn down theaters, he didn’t use his social media accounts even to unleash his wrath via tweets and FB status.

Now it’s too late because major protests are already over

When we interviewed Raju Raj, he was crying buckets over this missed opportunity. He was still looking weak, owing to the fact that he had fell prey to Dengue in the recent wasteful monsoons. He told FU NEWS that he was told, that in recent future, he will get chance to gather some attention and fame by protesting for a couple of movies. Using that fame, he could try MLA next term. He said that he had planned for it by buying fresh turbans, swords, loud speakers and stuff. He was about to announce that he would gift Crores and Crores of Rupees to those who bring heads of some actors and directors and bodies (preferably unharmed and alive) of female actors. Alas, he fell ill and missed on such a golden opportunity to get some fame out of this brouhaha.

Raj missing out on all the drama

Although, Raju Raj is confident that soon he will get another shot at creating ruckus for some other movie. He said this time he will go to some nearby theater to practice vandalism and rioting. “We have to stay updated with latest forms of violence, you know, otherwise market value goes down.”, he added. We then asked whether he would watch the film, to which he replied ‘Of course, who will miss that dance number. But please don’t print this in your esteemed news site’.