Selfie is an art. In this pic, Hafiz clicked using his toes.

Man knew where to look while taking Selfie, awarded

Hyderabad — Hafiz Tummy of Poorpet area has been awarded a govt. recognized prize for knowing where to look while taking a Selfie, every time.

Hafiz, brimming with happiness, took a Selfie while receiving the award itself and it came out very neat indeed. He has been taking staring-right-into-frontcam-selfies since some time now. It comes natural to him, he says.

My family had a history of getting their thumb broken while hitting nails in the wall. I wanted to change all that, and then I understood the importance of looking into details. I focused and focused and finally got the trick.
It takes years of effort to evolve. And to know where to look while selfie is being taken.

He started looking at things with focus and soon realized where the front cam is. The trick, Hafiz reveals, is not to get bothered by what’s on the screen. The screen is just distracting, he adds.

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