Studies reveal Men from Mars and Women from Venus a Truth

And that’s the reason men and women are different

Secret Report from NASA Laboratories, European Alps, Equator

In a highly confidential experiment, lasting for 10000s of years, scientists have come to a startling conclusion.

The statement, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, hold your breath, *drumroll* is true. That’s the reason that they both are totally different species. They are from totally different planets. The differences have always been stark but there has always been a pull among the two. Which is weird but in a way simple but complex as well.

But a more shocking result was the fact that Men reached Earth earlier than Women. And that gave them the unfair advantage that the fairer sex didn’t get. That has also been a reason behind why men think that somehow they have a right to things more than women have. They think that they can write laws for people who followed them. Also, that has also been a reason behind men still not content with one piece of land they have. They still keep looking for more. Adam and Eve were the first few people who had landed from the distant planets. Finally we know that their names were nothing but acronyms:

ADAM — Alpha Dwelling Association, Mars

EVE — Ex-Venus Earthlings

Did the womenfolk get delayed because they were busy in doing make-up? Did the men reach earlier because they thought that if they reach early, they can spend the next few days relaxing doing nothing? Answers to these questions are still a mystery.

Another revelation is that LGBTQ originated on Earth and that’s the reason they are not accepted as much as they should have been. We should blame these extra-terrestrial people for that.

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