Supreme Court rules replying to Whatsapp and Email not mandatory

Only thing mandatory right now is discussing about linking or not linking UID but we digress, read on…

Newd Elli, Desh

So, you thought that if you have asked a question to someone on an email and followed up on Whatsapp after sometime saying that you have sent an email so please check and revert, you deserve a reply from the person after sometime? Supreme Court says LULZ to that.


In a landmark judgement, Supreme Court Bench of 3 Super Senior Judges, have come to a conclusion that in today’s day and age, if you think someone will reply to your polite message, you are highly wrong, dea. Replying to an email, or WhatsApp message cannot be declared mandatory, even if it is highly rude. It doesn’t matter if the original message sender was asking something with extreme politeness and caution. The receiver has the liberty to blatantly ignore all Internet Based Communication. Not only that, the receiver might totally ignore the person too in real life, unless they’re meeting face to face. If there someone wants to ignore others, the best way is to dig your head into your mobile and pretend to reply to messages, which of course, one doesn’t need to.

Also, if someone complains that all their emails and messages have been left ignored, even after blue tick (read), they shouldn’t expect any reply. This is the world we live in and this is the society we have created. Alas.