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ALCHEMY — An Untold Story


Once upon a time, in the old town of ChickaLand, there was a bright young ToTo, whom a magnificent and charming GamingChick inspired.

Young ToTo wanted to be like him. GamingChick’s magical powers of opening doors of other worlds and bringing wealth to his town from there were always in Toto’s mind.

Toto wanted to be like him and grow overnight. His ambition was to look awesome like him and learn his magic, but he could never achieve it with his faith and prayers.

Time passed by, decades after decade ToTo’s wishes were fading away, and then one day, he came across with an Alchemy who promised him to transform him into mysterious GamingChick with his craft. But, you need to follow some rules to become a GamingChick, says Alchemy, and Toto agreed to follow his instructions.

Now Toto is sitting at Alchemy’s place, waiting to transform into his childhood idol, and the magic goes on. Suddenly it gets dark, and a thunderstorm appears. Lighting hit Toto’s head and made him unconscious.

Alchemy started laughing and went crazy to see what he had created. Toto wakes up, looks at a mirror, and says, “a Mysterious GamingChick.”

Now Everyone can go to Alchemy’s place where Toto went. In order to become a GamingChick, all you have to do is to follow these rules.

The Rules:

  • Players can participate in the event by putting one or more NFTs from their address into the alchemy pool.
  • In the end, the top 4 with the highest total score of all NFTs put into the pool from a single address win.
  • NFT’s score = base score + attribute bonus score + accessory bonus score.
  • Winners can have their avatars synthesized after the prize is announced.
  • All NFTs placed by the winners will be burnt.
  • Non-winning users can retrieve their placed NFTs after the event.
  • If non-winning users do not retrieve them before the next event starts, these NFTs will participate in the next round by default.

Note: For more information regarding event scores, please visit our next section of this event here.

📩In case of queries, please get in touch with us at: larborchick@loserchick.fi

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LoserChick is an “NFT+GameFi” platform created by Emoji DAO, integrating the easy-to-use, highly playable and proven “claw crane” game model, based on the financial attributes of GameFi, such as liquidity mining, NFT staked mining, asset trading and some other functions.

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LoserChick is a web 3.0 gaming project consisting of claw crane, P2E, DeFi & NFTs 👾 Get Started: https://linktr.ee/LoserChick

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