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Did you say Chick-Art contest?

Hey ChickFamily,

Let’s have some LoserChick themed Emojis, Stickers, and Banners for our Discord and Telegram community channels because our chats are incomplete without them😎


A LoserChick-themed art contest in which community members submit animated stickers and emojis for our Telegram and Discord server. Top-voted entries will be our default emoji and sticker pack of our community channels😍

💰Reward Pool

A total of 3,400 $Chick tokens will be shared among the contest winners according to the criteria mentioned below:

Animated Sticker Pack

№1 : 500 $CHICK

№2 — №5: 300 $CHICK each

Animated Emoji Pack

№1: 500 $CHICK

№2 — №5: 300 $CHICK each

⌚️Event Timeline

11 November — 16 November 12:00 PM UTC


  1. Submission must be creative and funny.
  2. Only one submission per user for sticker and emoji pack.
  3. Each pack must contain at least 15 emojis and stickers.
  4. All entries must be submitted on a public platform that supports animated emojis and stickers so that all community members can see them for voting.


Community members will vote for their favorite emoji and sticker pack. If you are participating in the art contest, you need to post your entry on a public platform that supports animated emojis and stickers. A link to your submission must be submitted on our Discord server’s #🎨art-contest channel as soon as you want it to be voted.

Join our Discord server here:

Asset Branding

Please refer to our asset branding page to copy the theme of LoserChick by clicking here.

Good luck, everyone! 🤗

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