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Introduction to OneShot

OneShot event will start on 3rd of December at 12:00 PM UTC +0
OneShot — Transform TrumpChicks into MysteriousChick

What is OneShot?

OneShot is LoserChick’s first kind of synthetic function to transform TrumpChick NFTs into MysteryChick Avatars. Users with TrumpChicks will be able to get a chance to secure rare avatars that will unlock the gates of our social gaming city in a Metaverse.


Ugh! TrumpChick. I hate this useless NFT. Let’s mint again and try to get that pretty LuckyChick.

Damn! TrumpChicks again. What am I going to do with these useless TrumpChicks?

We found many of our members in a similar situation and thought to surprise them with OneShot by giving them a chance to burn TrumpChicks for a better NFT.

There will be 10,000 Gaming Chicks avatars in total. To make them distributed as decentralized as possible, they will be released in a long time and in different ways. OneShot is one of them to get it.

What are the advantages of OneShot?

OneShot mechanism will turn TrumpChicks into MysteriousChick that will initially provide you following benefits:

  • Access to the exclusive EmojiDAO Discord channel where the latest research reports will be released.
  • Display in the lobby of GamingChick Building in Decentraland and access to the member club.
  • Whitelist for the projects in the EmojiDAO ecosystem and partners.
  • Membership to 10,000 core community members in EmojiDAO.

Event Timeline

2021/12/3 1200PM — — 2021/12/6 1200PM UTC+0

OneShot Contract Address

Event Rules

  • Users can choose more than one Trump NFT to participate in the campaign.
  • Three Trump NFTs will be randomly selected from all participating Trump NFTs, and the owners of these three Trump NFTs will be the winners of this campaign (each participant can only receive one prize at a time).
  • The winner will receive a brand new mystery chicken avatar.
  • All participating NFTs will be burnt after the event while waiting for the next batch of mystery chickens to arrive.


A user can burn up to 30 TrumpChick NFTs in one go and burn as many TrumpChicks you want in multiple transactions. OneShot will be a regular event, and there will be more ways to synthesize Chick Avatars in the future, so don’t burn all TrumpChicks in a single OneShot event.

Winners can claim MysteryChick Avatar within an hour once the event is finished.

Event Portal: https://app.loserchick.fi/#/OneShot

Let’s give it a shot!

📩In case of queries, please get in touch with us at: larborchick@loserchick.fi

🌟Connect with Us

Website |Twitter| Telegram|Discord|Reddit




LoserChick is an “NFT+GameFi” platform created by Emoji DAO, integrating the easy-to-use, highly playable and proven “claw crane” game model, based on the financial attributes of GameFi, such as liquidity mining, NFT staked mining, asset trading and some other functions.

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LoserChick is a web 3.0 gaming project consisting of claw crane, P2E, DeFi & NFTs 👾 Get Started: https://linktr.ee/LoserChick

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