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LoserChick Egg Clawing Guide

Welcome to LoserChick!

LoserChick is an open “GameFi & NFT” game platform created by Emoji DAO, which is designed a playable clawing mode with the low-threshold and easy-to-learn, it integrates liquidity mining and NFT to create more advantages of crypto asset liquidity.

This guide will guide you to set up your wallet and claim $EGG in the game.

Step 1.Installing the wallet

Before entering the LoserChick game, players need to download the wallet and complete the registration and login. This tutorial takes Metamask wallet as an example to take you to play LoserChick freely.

Here you can know how to install and use Metamask: https://metamask.io/faqs.html

The installation and download of Metamask usually takes only a few minutes, please keep your private key safe.

Unlike centralized system accounts, your wallet will be kept by you only, if you lose your private key, you will lose your assets in the wallet.

Never tell anyone your private key, the LoserChick website will not ask you for your private key. If someone asks you for your private key. Be careful! Revealing them will make you lose your assets probably.

Adding MATIC Mainnet.‌

After successfully installing the wallet, you need to add MATIC Mainnet to the wallet as follows.‌

● Click on “Network” in the wallet and select “Custom RPC”.‌

● Enter the following in Metamask and click “save”.‌

Network Name: Matic Mainnet‌

New RPC URL: https://rpc-mainnet.matic.network

ChainID: 137‌

Currency Symbol (optional): MATIC‌

Block Explorer URL (optional): https://explorer.matic.network/

● Return to the wallet home page and select “Matic Mainnet”.

Step 2.Transfer $MATIC to the wallet

Before you can officially use the wallet, you need to transfer a certain some $MATIC to the wallet to support your on-chain transaction Gas Fee.

● Withdraw $MATIC from a centralized exchange such as Binance;

● Transfer $matic via other wallet addresses;

Step 3. Get $CHICK

$CHICK is the base value token of LoserChick game ecology, you need to get some $CHICK before playing the game. If you participate and get the LoserChick airdrop, you don’t need more $CHICK for now, you can skip to step 4 directly.

● Go to Quickswap and connect to your wallet:


● Select the tokens and $CHICK pairs you intend to use to swap.

● Make sure the number of tokens to be exchanged, click Swap, and confirm the transaction in the wallet.

● Wait for the $CHICK receiving.

Step 4. Exchange $CHICK for $cCHICK

When you get $CHICK, you can swap $CHICK to $cCHICK and enter the game to claw eggs.

$cCHICK is the game coin in LoserChick platform, $cCHICK can be used to “claw eggs” and claw $cEGG.

Swap $CHICK to $cCHICK in the game, select the amount you want to redeem and click swap. Note that $CHICK can be swapped to $cCHICK at 1:1, but $cCHICK cannot be exchanged to $CHICK.

Step 5. Grab $cEGG with $cCHICK

After swapping $CHICK to $cCHICK, you can claw $cEGG, each time you claw $cEGG, one $cCHICK will be burnt. Claiming $cEGG need both luck and skills.You need to control the clawer and let it fall at the right time to claw $cEGG. The clawed $cEGG may also fall down in the process,which means fail. Good luck!

Step 6. Swap $cEGG to $EGG

Remember, when you get $cEGG, you need to swap it to $EGG at a ratio of 1:1. $EGG will reveal in your wallet and can be used to trade, or smash open your $EGG and you will be surprised!

Join Discord and explore the game tips: https://discord.gg/hQGvJharpV and become an egg clawing master!



LoserChick is an “NFT+GameFi” platform created by Emoji DAO, integrating the easy-to-use, highly playable and proven “claw crane” game model, based on the financial attributes of GameFi, such as liquidity mining, NFT staked mining, asset trading and some other functions.

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LoserChick is a web 3.0 gaming project consisting of claw crane, P2E, DeFi & NFTs 👾 Get Started: https://linktr.ee/LoserChick