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LoserChick: GameFi+NFT Gaming Platform

Do you like playing games?

In the past, games were just games. But now,GameFi combines games and finance together, users could play games while enjoying financial services. NFT realizes the assetization of game characters and props while enhancing the liquidity.The scarce game characters and props have even more collection value.

Isn’t it interesting to combine NFT with GameFi?

Become a chick and save the world

Emoji Dao is a decentralized autonomous organization with members from all over the world. As early supporters of the crypto world, they all got remarkable performance in their own fields respectively. And as for this moment, they decide to get together because of LoserChick, leveraging their abilities in game design, token economic model,smart contract and marketing operations to create the new GameFi+NFT platform, which is also a completely community-owned platform. LoserChick is designed a playable model with the low-threshold, easy-to-learn just like claw machine. Additionally, it fuses liquidity mining and NFT, which got better liquidity in the game.

In LoserChick, although each Chick is unique, they all have tragic experiences,like losing money on shitty coins, watching others making money, working overtime… But they are rebellious and pretentious,staring at the fucked-up world,but always want to save the world.

Now, become a Chick and realize your dream in LoserChick!

Introduction of LoserChick gameplay

In LoserChick platform, you can enjoy the fun of catching and smashing eggs for NFTs,and LoserChick offers many ways for players to earn, there are two types of tokens in LoserChick, $CHICK and $EGG. And you could also get NFTs by minting, the details of the exchange rules are as follows.

1. Stake $BUSD, $EGG, LoserChick NFT and other assets to claim $CHICK;

2. Claw $EGG with $CHICK, or mint NFT with $EGG;

3. Each process will burn the relevant Token.

Just like opening a blind box, you need some luck to claim $EGG and NFTs,of course,skills are also required.

LoserChick will be built on Polygon, which provides lower gas fee and higher transaction speed for exchange in high frequency wallet interaction scenarios, improving the game experience.

1. CHICK Token

If you want to get the max fun of the game, then start with $CHICK!

$CHICK is the basic Token in LoserChick platform, which can only be claimed through mining at the beginning. When you get $CHICK, you can exchange it into $cCHICK and put it into the egg catcher to catch $cEGG, which can be used to exchange for $EGG. $CHICK is also used to reward those who participate in mining in Pools, and you can also trade $CHICK in DEX.

2. $EGG Token
On the LoserChick platform, $EGG can be used directly to mint NFT.
There is only one way to get $EGG, that is, through $CHICK according to the probability of clawing, compared to $CHICK, $EGG is a more scarce token, with it, you can mint NFTs, and you will have a chance to mint the most scarce ShriekingChick NFT.

3. LoserChick NFT
In the current LoserChick platform, there are a total of 5 levels of Chicks, namely, ShriekingChick, LuckyChick, LaborChick, BossChick and TrumpChick, which have different physical characteristics, such as hair style, clothes, expressions, etc., as well as different miserable encounters, among which the Shrieking Chick is the most miserable, and it is also the most scarce Chick.

The Economic Model Design of Extreme Deflation

In LoserChick, the max supply of $CHICK is 13,333,333, the amount of $EGG is 2,000,000 while that of NFT is 321095, which are different from each other. The $CHICK, $EGG, and NFT give players different incentives, and the extremely deflationary token design makes players incentives last to a certain extent. Each step of the player egg clawing and minting operation corresponds to the consumption and burning of $CHICK and $EGG respectively.

In the game, clawing eggs is a high frequency operation, i.e. players get $EGG by $CHICK, and every egg clawing operation is accompanied by the consumption and burning of $CHICK. In the case of total amount, high burning means low circulation, staking mining of $EGG will further reduce the circulation of $EGG, making $EGG a scarce and highly circulated asset in LoserChick. The NFT obtained through the burning of $EGG, just got more imagination!

LoserChick: Play to Earn

LoserChick is a community-driven GameFi & NFT platform, and it always remains open enough. We expect more projects to enter the LoserChick platform and explore the metaverse of Chick together. At the same time, we also encourage players to participate in the promotion and construction of LoserChick and get the benefits they deserve.
LoserChick will continue to enrich the gameplay and increase the fun of the game, and also let all the players have a stronger sense of participation, each participant will become an indispensable and powerful force in the development of the project, let us create while playing and do something great in the world of Chick.




LoserChick is an “NFT+GameFi” platform created by Emoji DAO, integrating the easy-to-use, highly playable and proven “claw crane” game model, based on the financial attributes of GameFi, such as liquidity mining, NFT staked mining, asset trading and some other functions.

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LoserChick is a web 3.0 gaming project consisting of claw crane, P2E, DeFi & NFTs 👾 Get Started: https://linktr.ee/LoserChick

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