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LoserChick Mining Guide

There are three Tokens on LoserChick platform, $CHICK, $EGG and NFTs. 56.73% of $CHICK are mined on Polygan Network. Players get $CHICK mining rewards by staking $USDC, NFTs, and provide $EGG-$USDC Liquidity pool at different stages.

1.Genesis Mining

During Genesis Mining, $CHICK is mined by staking $USDC. In order to prevent $CHICK from being controlled by a few people due to the entry of giant whales and to allow more users to participate in the distribution of benefits, Genesis Mining has a limit of 1888 $USDC for single wallet address.

● Click on “Connect Wallet” in the upper right corner of LoserChick.

● Click on “Chick lnc” to enter the Genesis mining.

Click on “Approve”, jump to the wallet and click on “Confirm”.

Click on “Stake” after obtaining authorization from the wallet.

● Enter the amount of $USDC staked (maximum 1888 $USDC), confirm the amount and click “Stake”.

● The $CHICK mined from the staked $USDC can be collected to your wallet account by clicking “Claim”.

● To redeem $USDC from the contract, click on “Unstake”.


After Genesis mining, LoserChick will support 5 levels NFTs staked mining, and $EGG-$USDC LP staked mining. Players will stake ShriekingChick,LuckyChick,LaborChick, BossChick and TrumpChick in the relevant mining pools to get $CHICK mining rewards.

Players can also participate in mining by providing $EGG-$USDC quantitative trading expense to decentralized exchanges and staking LP Token in the LoserChick platform.

Specific mining details will be announced further. Join Discord: https://discord.gg/hQGvJharpV and get one step closer to wealth.



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