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LoserChick Weekly#3 | Now We Can Vote with TrumpChick

Dear all

This week, 2 ShriekingChicks were born. Are you the lucky one?

Starting next week, the birthday of the ShriekingChick will be determined by the community members through TrumpChick voting, so how many ShriekingChicks will be produced next week?

📅Time: Aug 7, 2021 — Aug 13, 2021

📖Weekly Overviews.

1.Game Data: EGG burned / circulation up to 139.7%

2. Community event: Mask Network AMA

3. Platform inclusion: CoinmarketCap、CoinGecko

4. NFT voting: For the display issue of minted NFTs in Egg Bar

5. Product: NFT mining, EGG-USDC LP mining

📈I. Game Data

Total Number of $EGG Clawing Users: 8468

Total Lock Volume: $2,033,340

NFT Stake Rate: 93.56%

Total Number of NFT Stakers: 2799

Total Number of EGG-USDC LP Stakers: 465

🔥CHICK & EGG Data:

👨‍Number of NFT Minting.

432,413 times of NFT Minting and produced 263,132 NFTs.


📢II. Community Events.

On August 12, 2021, LoserChick was invited to participate in the Mask Network community AMA to share their thoughts on Gaming and the Metaverse.

🚀III.The platform indexed:

We are Tracked by:











And handful of other token tracking sites

🐥IV.NFT Voting

This week, LoserChick went live with the NFT poll feature, which allows the community to vote between showing mint NFTs more quickly and showing mint NFTs more accurately in the Egg Bar.

[LIP-001]Optimise of the mode of NFTs minting result display

Next week, LoserChick will initiate a community vote, and the community will decide the output range and probability of the ShriekingChicks.

🔨V. Product Technology

New features.

✅Open NFT pledge mining, EGG-USDC LP mining

✅Issue new NFT minting contracts

Technical upgrade.

✅Image service optimization to reduce NFT image latency issues during minting peaks

✅Game network anomaly optimization retry method to reduce the problems due to network instability.

✅Optimized and upgraded the game NFT minting display to obtain on-chain information 25 seconds after a block is confirmed by an on-chain transaction, and present the temporary result to the user



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