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LoserChick Weekly#6 | LoserChick Ambassador Program is Officially Launched

Dear Chicks,

This week, we officially launched our LoserChick Ambassador program, and the result will be announced on September 6. The ambassadors will help LoserChick in building communities around the world.

📅 Time: Aug 28, 2021 — Sep 3, 2021

📖 Overview

1.Game Data : EGG destruction reached a one-day high of 17,337

2. Community Engagement : AmbassadorChick Recruiting

3. Product / Technology : New deployment of minting smarting contract

📈I. Game Data

Total Number of $EGG Clawing Users: 9515

Total Lock Volume: $2,368,476

NFT Stake Ratio: 95.68%

Total Number of NFT Stakers: 3549


👨‍NFT Data

Cumulative NFTs minted: 563,526

Cumulative NFTs output: 342,887

Total NFT staked: 328,072


📢Ⅱ.Community Engagement

On Aug 31, LoserChick launched an AmbassadorChick recruitment event. The first batch of recruitment will select 3 community members as AmbassadorChicks, who will start growing LoserChick communities around the world.

🔨Ⅲ. Product / Technology

1. The new NFT minting contract is now live.

a) Use ChainLINK VRF to improve credibility and security

b) Eliminate soft fork of the network

2. New way for the generation of ShriekingChick is online.

Randomly selected a user who participated in the NFT minting during the event time, and the winner will be announced 10 minutes after the event.

3. Optimize the strategy of bot detection.



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