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NFT Minting Tutorial

$EGG is a value Token in LoserChick, you can use $EGG to mint NFT!

(1) Claim $EGG

There are two ways to claim $EGG.

-After the game goes live,players can get $EGG directly at DEX such as QuickSwap

-Clawing $EGG by $CHICK in game,please check details of the egg clawing guide.

(2)Mint NFT

Login to the game

● Click on “Connect Wallet” in the upper right corner of LoserChick, the wallet address will be displayed when the connection is successful.

● Click “$EGG Bar” to enter the interface of minting NFT;

● Click “Get LoserChick” to start minting LoserChick NFT;

● Enter the amount of $EGG, each $EGG will get a chance to mint NFT, the maximum number of $EGG can be used in a single mint is 10.

● Complete approvement in the wallet to start minting NFT.

● Use 10 $EGG at once, you will get at least five NFTs.

● After clicking “Get LoserChick”,waiting for the confirmation of the transaction on the chain and check the NFTs you have claimed .

(3) NFT minted

(4) NFT minting failed

(5) Loser Club

● Click on “Loser Club” to see the NFTs you have claimed.

● Click on the corresponding Chick card to see all the Chicks.

Good luck, Chick!



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