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Recap of the 2nd AMA session

Hey Chicks,

Thank you for joining us on our 2nd AMA session! Christa Bell hosted it and asked Shrug, who is the founder of Emoji DAO and project manager of the LoserChick game, exciting questions.

Keeping it short and precise, let’s jump right into the quick recap of the AMA session held on the 28th of October at 12 PM UTC.

AMA starts with a greeting and opening note from the founder himself with the following words:

First of all, I’d like to share with you what I’ve been doing recently. The most important thing I’ve invested in the past two months is talent recruitment and industry research.

We’ve brought in several key members, such as designers, game producers, developers, etc., all of whom have led or worked on $100M revenue game projects in the past. I’m very happy to have them join us as full time members of Emoji DAO.

In addition, we are closely following the development of blockchain games.With so many talents on board, we’ve built a learning organization that continuously tracks industry progress and technology updates, and we’ve been doing basically no less than two internal sharing meetings per week lately.

We have recently done in-depth research on Metaverse, game chain, and NFT. I will share some of our research on my Twitter next.

The purpose of the research is to think about the future development of LoserChick. We hope we can look farther ahead and arrange in advance, instead of waiting for it to become a hot topic and then chasing after it.

Fortunately, through the research, we are developing our vision more and more clearly. Among all of the directions for gamefi, we believe it will attract more attention within half of a year, and we are already working on it. You’ll see it more later, and stay tuned, guys!

Later on, Christa started asking questions collected from the community members.

Q1: Will the APY for the common chick increase?

The same as every other DeFi project, the APY depends on the number of the participants and also the price of the token. We can not predict the price, but we will endeavor to expand our community and user base.

Q2: Any plan to add some utility to NFTs? I found no use case of nfts except staking.

As the project moves forward, the claw crane machine is the place where to issue new NFTs. As for these NFTs from the machine, they will have their own values or use cases.

Compared to other kinds of NFT issuance platforms, LoserChick is a better place to issue new NFTs randomly in a relatively more extended period. And this is crucial to the NFT projects who want to run a fair launch.

Q3: Do you have any working plan to push the burning process of a large number of accumulated chicks and eggs?

As you can see, the consuming speed of CHICK in the new claw crane machine is much faster than the previous one. Besides that, we will continue to launch various events to increase community engagement.

Q4: The gameplay token is denominated in Chick; if most chicks were burnt and the demand is hot, the price would naturally go up accordingly; would the entry price be very costly for the new players? Is high chick price tolerable during the mining phase?

Cost is really an important factor that players care most about. But when you compare with other gamefi projects, you’ll find LoserChick is among the least expensive ones for you to try and win a chance for a top tier NFT. The price of CHICK may fluctuate a lot, but the cost is still affordable to almost everyone.

Q5: What will be the next play-to-earn feature of LoserChick besides staking?

Strategy plays an important role when you play games. So besides staking, please always think harder before you start to play the games. A better approach invariably leads to better earning.

Q6: What will be the future use cases of the chicks? Will you ever introduce the sale of lands in the future?

We are building a chickverse, in which the game is where chicks live. But as $CHICK is a burning coin with a low cap, it is not likely to be in the chickverse eternally. But the NFTs, with a higher interoperability to other games in the ecosystem, will indeed have more use cases.

Q7: Would the game developers consider giving less Trump Chicks and more Boss or Labor Chick instead. I’ve been playing for a while and I still get lots of Trump Chicks. Would be nice to get to feel like you win sometimes.

Sorry, the number of NFTs is determined and the contracts are deployed on the blockchain so they can’t be modified. But you can choose to participate in the ShriekingChick event, there will be a higher probability of getting the ShriekingChick.

Q8: In regards to the development of the game, any new announcement of the mysterious chick?

Have you followed GamingChick?

Q9: What else is there to do besides crazy claws?

At present, crazy claws are the major product. But we are also building other pieces of the puzzle. Starting with the claw crane machine, we get many ordinary people on board to the gamefi space without difficult rules and expensive costs. As they become familiar with the game, more and more fun stuff will be added. But as we are a community, we will always welcome contributors from the community to join the journey together.

Q10: Do you have plans to go to the binance?

We’ve received many listing proposals. Currently, you can exchange your token in Quickswap. We will take the cex into consideration after we are deployed onto other chains when we have a larger user base.

Q11: When are we going to get a complete roadmap?

We do have a roadmap and have shared it with you guys already. Let’s focus on delivering them in it. It’s always easy to say something, but doing is the most crucial part.

Q12: What are you doing to tackle the game economics, the burn seems to not doing anything to the token economics

The existing problem is because. NFT can only be used for staking at present. But it will not be a problem when the new game features launch.

Q13: Will you create a MarketPlace inside the loserchick App? I want to buy more NFTs, but I don’t feel safe doing it right now.

Do you mean the scams on opensea? Please always enter the market from the Loserstore on the LoserChick website. https://app.loserchick.fi/#/NewChickCity

We believe that blockchain is like Lego, if there are already good products or protocols, you don’t need to develop them twice, which greatly improves efficiency.

The downside is that opensea does not support selling as a bundle on the polygon, we are looking for other marketplaces to make it available.

Q14: Is there any plan to have any PVP mechanics in the game?

Not for now. We are exploring other directions.

That’s all folks, that was the end of our 2nd AMA session.

We want to thank you all once again for participating in our AMA session!




LoserChick is an “NFT+GameFi” platform created by Emoji DAO, integrating the easy-to-use, highly playable and proven “claw crane” game model, based on the financial attributes of GameFi, such as liquidity mining, NFT staked mining, asset trading and some other functions.

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