Lost and Found Real-Time Object Detection

Lost and Found Software was the first to introduce automatic image recognition. Now, we are ready to present the next innovative coup.

As the pioneer in Lost and Found technology, we continue to conduct research in our Innovation Lab to bring new technologies to market and modernize how we manage lost property. So what have we conjured up this time?

Today, we are proud to present the first working prototype of our “Real Time Object Detection” function.

What it is? Instead of having to take a photo, you can now simply hold the item into the camera. Our Lost and Found Software takes care of the rest by immediately recognizing what the item is. The application is as simple as it is ingenious. It has now become even easier and faster to register lost property in real time — even without an active internet connection in place! After the milestone in image recognition technology, we are again setting the Lost and Found standard thanks to our real-time recognition.

Example figure

Join our network and don’t miss out on any of the many innovations our Lab still has in store: www.lostandfoundsoftware.com




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