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May 17 · 3 min read

In addition to the Lost and Found Software’s standard reporting there is a new Success Report. The focus of this report is to conveniently bring together all of the success metrics throughout your entire account into one single report.

Success Report Data

The new Success Report includes the following:

Key Metrics such as logged items, amount of customer inquiries, return rates, and more that give you an concise overview on your entire lost and found operation.

High Value Return Metrics provide a comprehensive picture of the most valuable items inquired by customers and found by your organization.

Return Metrics Based on your Manual Category Selection — You can now easily get a complete overview based on the categories you specifically selected.

Return Metrics based on Customer Inquiries

Why ruin your success rate unnecessarily? Evaluate your success by examining the categories your customers actually make inquiries in.

Main Category and Sub-Category Metrics

Find out which categories are most prevalent in your organization with a simple click.

Return Method Metrics

How are items returned in your organization? Are they mostly shipped, handed over personally or otherwise returned? Use our new Success Report in order to adapt and improve your daily operations.

Top Owner Countries of Origin

Find out where your main inquirers are coming from and use the data to improve your processes, e.g. by adding additional languages to your online form or email templates.

The Matching Report

The Smart Matching saves you an incredible amount of time that you previously had to spend by checking items and inquiries manually. See for yourself just how much faster you’ve become using the Lost and Found Software system through the detailed statistics.

In addition to the powerful metrics above, you can even choose a specific date range to examine your success within a selected time frame.

Finally: Share your results with colleagues and supervisors by exporting your results to a CSV file or printable document.

Lost And Found Software

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Lost and Found Software

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Lost And Found Software

We help keep you informed of new Lost and Found Inventions, Innovations and Ideas.

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