Why charge customers $25 to get their $5 charger back?

Lost and Found Software
Lost And Found Software
2 min readAug 20, 2019


To expensive to get your chargerback

Do you already have a Lost and Found solution in place? Does your current provider charge your customers for every lost item so that, in the end, your customers is paying for? Was your current software developed a long, long time ago, on an operating system far, far away — or feels as if it was?

Then this article is for you! Let’s walk you through the newest developments in Lost and Found technology and give you the chance to see what most of your current providers are missing.

Ask yourself: How does your provider earn money and how is their system set up? If the Lost and Found process you face doesn’t take priority over (additional) services with which revenue is generated, you can draw immediate conclusions. If you can’t, your customers surely will. They notice being charged overpriced services which ultimately gives you a bad reputation.

There are providers out there taking high fees on top of the return shipments from your clients.

Outsourcing the shipment process is a smart move on your part. But choosing a Lost and Found provider that builds their revenue model not on the needs of your organization and your customers, but on a the business case of charging your customers extra services at high prices, will backfire.

“They asked me to pay $25 to get my $5 charger back.” — Unsatisfied Customer

Lost and Found Software and Customer Search Engine

Both a technology driven enterprise and consumer solution is the approach Lost and Found Software has chosen to ensure satisfaction on all sides of the Lost and Found process.

The benefits of Lost and Found Software are plenty:

  • Time spent on Lost and Found related calls drop by 98%* — all you need is our modern inquiry form on your website
  • Save up to 50%* of your storage space due to increased return rates thanks to our smart matching algorithms
  • You will have up to 92%* less email communication in the first month — the Lost and Found Software takes care of customer inquiries automatically. No external email communication is required using our system.
  • Save up to 90%* of time, money and hassle with our best practice guides.
  • Save your customer from additional service fees

*ascertained through measurements at major US and German airports, public transportation services and hotels

The goal is to make the Lost and Found customer journey and staff experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.



Lost and Found Software
Lost And Found Software

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