Personal Drawing Journal Project September 2016

Last year I’ve read a fantastic book ( by Toby Morris @XTOTL. It’s called “Alledaags” and it is basiclly the one-year comic book style journal, where every drawing is dedicated to the single day.

“Alledaags” by Toby Morris

Toby drew this when he was living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. When I moved to Amsterdam and bought that book I found tons of similarities between what happened to the author and my experience. We both had a problem with jammed door to the apartment, saw tourists that took a photo of our building, saw an excentric guy who roll-skates in the early morning in g-string pants and swimming cap and a lot more.
I decided to do the similar personal project at least for one month. I wanted to make a drawing every couple of days that somehow summarize it. I’m far behind from being a professional illustrator, but I wanted to try and make my sketching skills better. Here there are results from September.

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