Lost in the Ashes | Autobiography

From France to San Francisco, From Riches to Rags

When someone writes an autobiography, I would imagine they need to have a passion. Something that defines them. Something that gives them meaning and purpose that they can write about. With that being said, I wasn’t quite sure of how to write an autobiography, because in my 18 years of life, I haven’t had any monumental moments that define who I am as a person. But that’s okay, because I have a lot more living to do. When someone asks, “What are you passionate about?”, I have never really had an answer; I’ve been at a loss. But I don’t think that defines me, because a have a whole lot of time to figure that out.

I was born into Atlanta, Georgia on July 17th, 1997 to my mother, Susan Palmer, and my father, Guy Palmer. I have an older sister, Bailey, who is a sophomore here at UGA. My mother grew up in Buckhead, Atlanta with her three brothers. My father grew up in Pelham Manor, New York with his four brothers and sisters. My father was a Korean translator serving in the Navy, and now works as a security analyst at Georgia Power. Growing up, my mom stayed at home and took care of my sister and me. We are a close family, but we aren’t a typical family. We don’t always eat dinner at the table, we don’t always have a perfectly staged Christmas card, and we don’t always have everything together. But that’s okay, because even though we aren’t a cookie cutter family, we’re still a family.

My mother, me, my father, and my sister at the beach.

My childhood was relatively simple. We spent long summer days at the pool swimming on the swim team and playing in the park. We went to the beaches of Massachusetts every summer, where I remember getting massive bags of candy at the candy shop and practically rotting my teeth out. Summers always stood out the most to me, because the summer was where I was free as a child, with no “responsibilities”, or what I thought were responsibilities at the time.

School has always been very important to my sister and I, because my parents raised me to always study hard and try my best in everything. In elementary through high school, I was always an overachiever in my schoolwork. Today, I continue that attitude at the University of Georgia, where I am studying Microbiology and French. Although school might not be that exciting for other people, it is a big part of my life, and I am thrilled to be studying in the Classic City.

I don’t quite have a purpose in life yet, nor have I done many exciting things yet in my life. However, I can’t wait to fix that, and I am excited to see where my education takes me in the future. I can’t yet see where I will go in life, but I can’t wait to find out.

My father, my mother and me at my Senior Prom.