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Easily manage your online business — all in one place.

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PR Newswire calls it, “a suite of 20 products that lets entrepreneurs start, manage and promote a business directly from the Wix web development platform.”

So, what is Ascend?

In short, Ascend allows online business owners to easily connect with customers. It is a collection of apps that allow small businesses to manage their contacts, emails, invoices, quotes, newsletters, forms, social media content, workflows, tasks and reminders. TLDR: Easily manage your online business — all in one place.

Wix calls it:

Your Complete Marketing & Customer Management Suite

Get traffic, close deals and build customer loyalty with Ascend, a suite of business tools built…

Knowing the goals, intent, and purpose of your website before building it will help you reach your business goals and attract the right customers for your business needs.

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One of the most important steps in setting up a website is to understand your end goal. What purpose will your website serve? What tangible results would you like to see? What do you need to run a functional business online?

Without goals, there is no roadmap, and without a roadmap, you’re likely to end up going nowhere in particular. Understanding your business goals will help shape how your site is built, what you will need, and how to implement it.

Because templates are generic, cheap, and a disservice to your brand

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So, you’re starting a business or looking to revamp your existing website

Do you go for a custom build or a template? Custom designs are unique and give your business or brand it’s own look/feel and voice, but, template designs are probably cheaper than a custom design — but, are they the best choice?

Your business deserves more

The web has become increasingly less diverse. And, in a time when we have endless tools at our fingertips, the internet is beginning to look the same no matter where you look — and that’s because of templates.

Your business is unique. It has personality, it has character, it has its own voice.

The fundamentals of color theory and color scheme, and talk about the emotional effects of certain colors.

First, what is color theory? According to Lost in White Space, color theory includes the rules and guidelines surrounding the use of color in art and design and the skill of integrating color theory can be improved and refined endlessly..

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Color Theory

These rules and guidelines inform the design of color schemes and ultimately work together to communicate a message on both at a visual and a psychological level by creating aesthetic appeal and effectively communicating a message

Primary Colors: Red, yellow and blue

In traditional color theory, primary colors are the three pigment colors that cannot be mixed or formed by…

Successful brands have a strong sense of identity, one that mirrors the hopes and aspirations of their customers.

But finding your voice — especially as a small business — can be difficult. And expensive. Identifying your brand archetype from this list will save you time and money and help you connect to your audience.

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So, What Is an Archetype?

Today’s brand archetype definition derives from psychologist Carl Gustav Jung’s 1919 outline of 12 personality archetypes. Archetypes symbolize a human’s basic motivations and come with their own set of values, meanings and personality traits and symbolize a human’s basic motivations.

The Twelve Archetypes

aka The Shaman, The Visionary

Do 10 these things

When was the last time you made changes to your website? Your thinking, my e-commerce website was built in 2018, it's not old or outdated, and I am frequently updating my product listings, isn’t that enough?

In short, the importance of keeping a website up to date is this: regular updates that are in alignment with your core brand identity and goals help you increase the opportunities available to help your business grow — neglecting to do these things can bring you down.

Here are a few small things, from Lost in White Space, that you can do once a…

All the things you need to do it yourself.

GIF of a website built by Jessica Trumpour: Rising Wild Woman

So you want to build a website, but don’t know where to begin.

Building a website can be overwhelming, tricky, and a little confusing. Buying a domain, picking a web host, writing content, designing user flow, and sticking to a cohesive design can take quite a bit of time and strategy but it can be done.

I’m going to go over some of the key things I look for and do when I am building a website — whether my own or one of my clients.

Before you begin building your website.

Before I even open up the web editor I sit down and conceptualize.

I think about what pages I’m going to need, what call’s to action am…

Here are the things I did that got me the gig

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Landing my first gig

When I started on Upwork I didn’t have any experience building, designing, or creating websites.

I didn’t have a portfolio. I didn’t have any proof of work. I didn’t have any past clients.

I had nothing.

Heck, I even asked Reddit how to build a website after I landed the gig.

So how did I manage to land a gig that paid me $1500 with nothing to show that I was capable of doing what I said (and knew) I could do?

Nail your Upwork profile

Fill out your profile. Write a strong (but brief) bio. Add any pre-existing work you have (even if…

DIY Your Website

DIY web design for the solo-prenuer

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