Midnight Food Talk

Hello foodies,

After lots of thinking and re-thinking I stepped up in the blogging zone. Yes, I am nervous, yet excited. Nervous because I sincerely don’t want to add up to e-garbage as my hubby (let’s call him Mr. B) rightly points out. Excited, because I honestly want to document some of the forgotten & traditional cuisines of Odisha.

Our conversation goes up like this.

Me : Well, I have finally thought of what I am going to do in my life.

Mr. B : Ok, that is good. (& he continues browsing through some portals offering discounted things)

Me (with a lump in my throat) : Well, I want to do food blogging. Please help me designing the page.‘7’

Mr. B (smirked for a moment) : Why do you want to add up to e-garbage? Just learn some good mansha kassa¹, machha ghanta² & dalma³. That would help.

With this, he continued his eternal search for discounted stuff online. The reaction made me feel like I wanted to rip him apart.

“Well Mr. B, challenge accepted”, I said to myself and while the whole world is asleep, I am literally burning my laptop screen to design my blog, already feeling the exhilaration of victory. All my life, I stayed in hostels, away from home and Ma’s comfort food. I remember, I used to spend my vacations trying to create the recipes at home which were utter disasters. My sister can vouch for that. Let me tell you one thing, in Odisha, you find lots of regional variations of a single cuisine. When I got married, the first shock I got was FOOD Shock. We have different names for the same preparation and similar names for different recipes. Now, how simple was that? Not at all. But it gave me a new insight and I started learning new and traditional recipes. Of course I did some animal testing of my recipe on Mr. B and he survived.

The idea of this blog came recently, when I found out that the knowledge of Odia food was limited to the regional variations. So why not map the recipes across the state and document it. Let me confess one thing I am not good at writing, yet, am anxiously trying to put some effort on developing some lost, traditional, and dying cuisines of Odisha. I hope to contribute my bit to my dearest motherland, Odisha.

I appreciate you for reading such a long post. If you survived this, there are chances that, you will be hooked up to this blog.

Much Love 💖


  1. Mansha kassa: The Mutton fry that every Odia swears by.
  2. Machha ghanta: A curry with loads of vegetables & fishes in it.
  3. Dalma : The mother of all Odia cuisines, a dal preparation with lots of vegetables in it.
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