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Easter 2021

The Easter Bunny has visited Talmuth once again! Participate in this yearly event from 3rd April till 17th April to claim Limited edition NFT Outfits, items, weapons and pets!

The Easter Bunny has been busy hiding eggs all across Talmuth. Collect enough, and you can trade them for limited edition NFTs and Virtual items!

Also be on the lookout for Golden Eggs, which have a chance to contain Golden Tickets and other exclusive items within them!


Collect Easter Eggs from adventures and exchange them for limited edition items from the Easter Bunny!

If you find a Golden Egg, you have a chance at receiving a Golden Ticket or several other limited edition items. For those of you not willing to test your luck, you can sell your Golden Egg at the Royal Emporium for other players to have a crack at it!

Golden Eggs have a chance at containing a Golden Ticket!


Play Lost Relics from 3rd April till 17th April to participate.


Easter Egg currency

Collect Easter Eggs from Adventures. These are Easter currency and act similar to Gold Coins, which won’t take up an inventory slot. Easter Eggs can also be traded at the Royal Emporium for Gold Coins.

Easter Eggs are the Easter currency, which can be used to purchase items from the Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Shop and Exchange

The Easter Bunny has been spotted near the docks in Talmuth!

Visit the Easter Bunny to trade your Easter Eggs for valuable items!

Some items can only be purchased from the Easter Bunny’s shop if you’re a member. To become a member, activate a Power Pendant on your account.

The Easter Bunny also has an exchange where you can trade your Golden Ticket for exclusive blockchain items.

Golden Eggs

Find Golden Eggs (or buy them from another player!) and crack them open for a chance to receive limited edition items.

Limited Edition items only available from Golden Eggs! (The bow is a Blockchain NFT)

Golden Eggs also have a chance to contain a Golden Ticket, which you can then exchange for 1 of 2 Limited Edition Blockchain items, or if you prefer to trade away this great honor, you can sell your Golden Ticket at the Royal Emporium for immense riches.

NOTE: Free players can only take out 1 Golden Egg per adventure. Members can take out unlimited!

Golden Tickets

If you manage to get your hands on a Golden Ticket, you can exchange it for Limited Edition blockchain items from the Easter Bunny! Not only are these tickets valuable, but they are truly limited. With only 800 tickets in existence, and 800 items to collect, every ticket holder is a guaranteed winner!

Limited Edition Blockchain NFTs only available from the Easter Bunny by trading a Golden Ticket!

Limited Edition Easter 2021 NFTs

Purchase Limited Edition Easter 2021 NFT outfits only on the website shop!

These are blockchain Outfits with extremely limited supplies and all purchases from the shop help to directly support Lost Relics.

The outfits will be made available when the Easter event starts and will remain in the shop until sold out. Initially each item will be limited to 2 per transaction, but the restriction will be removed once the event is over.

Unlock Event Titles

Titles can be unlocked by performing actions within the game and are similar to achievements.

  • The Golden Goose Find a Golden Egg while on an Adventure and get it safely to the exit! 🥚
  • Springtime Slayer Vanquish 10,000 monsters during the event!
  • Chocolate Connoisseur — Buy (from the Easter Bunny) and consume 5 Peanut Bunny Crunches 🍫
  • Shell Shatterer Crack open 50 Golden Eggs 🔨
  • Eastertide Entrepreneur — Buy an Easter 2021 item from the website shop during the event

As a member, you can set your active title on the website or in game, which is displayed to all other players both in the game and on leaderboards.

Founder’s Token Bonus

Founder’s Token holders will receive a Golden Egg for every Founder’s Token they hold in their wallet at the start of the event!


Some items are limited in supply. Once they’ve been claimed they will no longer be available! Shop items will be available until they’ve been sold out.

There are a mixture of blockchain and virtual items to claim. Some virtual items will be consumed upon use, while others will reset before every adventure (Relics).

All virtual items are tradable at the Royal Emporium.



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