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Lost Relics — Upcoming Patch 189

Major patch: 189 — Pandemonium

The talented @daysdoesart has been comissioned to create the Lost Relics loading screens!

Patch 189 features a ton of changes both to the game and the website.

Work is still progressing on the patch, but this article will give you a preview of what to expect, so check out all the details below.

The release date will be announced on Telegram and Discord once it’s finalized.

As with all Lost Relics releases, the patch contains many more changes and updates than what’s documented in these articles. This gives you a chance to discover things on your own!

New Forging Skill

Forging is a member’s only skill that has been added with this update.

The Forging Furnace allows you to forge ingots from ores you’ve collected.

Mining and Woodcutting tools now rely on these ingots. There will be some further adjustments in the future.

All ingots and ores required for forging are now virtual items to help with the costs involved with creating tools, which were very expensive previously, due to the reliance on blockchain resources.

As part of the Forging skill, you can also use the Forging Anvil to create virtual weapons and armor!

Once you have all the pieces of armor to create a set, you can assemble it at the Armor Assembly Stand.

Individual armor pieces themselves are tradable at the emporium, however assembled Armor becomes account bound and can no longer be traded.

There are also some rare armor sets that only drop on some Adventures. Use the lore within the items to figure out where they might drop!

Blockchain Item Swaps

Producing virtual items that rely on Blockchain items is expensive and is hindering the in game tool economy.

Therefore the requirements for these tools is being redirected to rely on virtual items instead.

The old blockchain items that the tools relied on therefore have no use and instead are being converted into useful relics.

Some of the names of the old Blockchain items will be used for virtual items, but all of the Blockchain resources that were relied upon have been converted into relics.

The following items have been swapped from resources to relics. For all swaps, you’re given something of equal or greater value/utility.

(These items won’t appear swapped until patch 189 is live)

Meredite Ingot was swapped for Badge of Blight
Odenium Ingot
was swapped for Tears of Serenity
Ivory Barley Grains
was swapped Zigzag Zeal
Gold Oak
was swapped for Dragonscaler
Purple Irim Mushroom
was swapped for Runic Spellstone
Starlight was swapped for Helixir
Shoraway Coral Weed was swapped for Blissful Tribute

If you had any Blockchain Emporium sell/buy orders for any of these items, the orders have all been cancelled and either the item or your shadowstones have been returned to you.


Assembled Armor gives specific offensive and defensive buffs and debuffs (and sometimes effects too!). You might prefer a specific armor set over another based on it’s stats so it’s best to investigate your options. (Be aware that the Stats and Properties may be updated in the future)

Armor must be equipped in the new Armor slot. It follows the same rules as Relics and you can’t take additional armor into Adventures in your inventory.

All armor is destructible and will be lost if you die on an adventure with it.

Tool Belt

The tool slot has been converted into a Tool Belt, allowing you to equip one of each type of tool, without taking up any inventory space!

Clicking the Tool Belt button will toggle the Tool Belt.

From here you can drag tools from your stash to the relevant slot (or simply click the ‘Equip Tool’ button in the stash to equip that tool).

You can also drag tools directly onto the Tool Belt button to automatically assign them to the correct slot.

Champion Rewards

With the addition of the Tool Belt, there’s no longer a need for the ‘Auto Tool Swap’ Champion Reward, and so the ‘Access to Stash Deposit at Adventure Pass’ reward has been moved to level 5 instead.

This means you’ll find Gabriele and her cart near Adventure Pass, ready to take your items back to your stash for a small fee!

A new reward has been added at level 50 for ‘Cheaper Stash Deposit at Adventure Pass’.

Skill updates

The requirements for some skills have been updated and levels shifted around. There might be further updates in the future as we shift away from using expensive blockchain items for production skills such as Engineering.

Engineering has various new items to create, including leather armor.

Additionally a new rarity of Mining, Woodcutting, Scavenging and Fishing tools has been added to fill the progression gap and smooth out the levelling experience.

All of the tools have been updated with new names and images to match the new changes.

Gathering nodes have also been updated to have a specific rarity of drop (and also require that rarity of tool). To mine a rare rock, you’d need a rare mining tool and you’ll also have a chance at all of the rare mining resources.

The chance to find something increases as your gathering level increases but there will always be a small chance that you’ll find nothing.

Experience is now also given based on the rarity of item you find, not the tool you use. If you don’t find an item, you won’t gain any experience.

Tanning Frame

Various hides found within adventures can be tanned on the Tanning Frame and then used by Engineering to create leather Armor!

You’ll need to investigate the various types of Armor to find one that matches your playstyle.

Spinning Wheel

The spinning wheel is used to create threads from various fibers. The first of which will be bowstring, which you’ll need if you’re creating a bow with Engineering!

Bows themselves now have visible bowstrings too!


Once you complete the ‘Powerful Knowledge’ Quest, you’ll unlock access to the Encyclopedia.

The Encyclopedia allows you to browse for all items available within the game, even if you don’t own them yet.

It’s sure to be a great source of leaks in the future, especially if a Lost Relics team member forgets to mark an upcoming asset as hidden until it’s announced!

Breakable weapons and tools

Tools, forged weapons and any weapons that are virtual and unlimited in supply now have a chance to break after a period of time relative to their rarity. The higher rarity an item, the longer it will last.

There is no concept of durability or a way to see how long left until an item breaks, it’ll just break at some point in the future, based on randomness.

You can determine which items have a chance at breaking by checking their stats as seen here:

You will however receive an alert when an item is badly damaged and an additional alert when it has completely broken.

If an item is damaged while on an Adventure, you’ll at the very least be able to use it until you finish the adventure, you won’t be left without a tool.

Breakable items can’t be repaired and the item will be lost when it breaks.

Blockchain items don’t break.

Weapon Effects

Effects have been added to the following items (as well as others not listed here): Oathkeeper, Misfortune’s Guardian, Grim Divider, Count Brahg’s Night Blade, Wrath of the Swarm, Pride of the Black Ingress, Inferno, Thaarbor’s Might, The Fury of Ilgarith, Abyssal Pyre, Champion of the Enigma, Queen’s Misery, Mark of the True, Ring of the Wretched, Reign of Fire, Starstruck, Death’s Sigh and Hunter’s Leverage.

You can use the new Encyclopedia to discover information about all of the effects!


Adventures and their resources have been updated, there’s a lot to take in, so be sure to check them out.

Rewards, gather nodes, chests and other properties have all been updated as we move towards making rolls more rewarding. There will be an adjustment phase after the release while we find the sweet spot.

Shadowstones that have been collected from Marketplace sales and the Website shop will now drop in adventures, amplifying the play-to-earn nature of Lost Relics!

Chests in Adventures must now be opened with a Golden Chest Key. These keys only exist while on the Adventure and can’t be removed from the Adventure. Make sure you dispose of all monsters to find all the keys!

Graveyard Rumble

There’s a brand new game mode available! As a member who is at least level 10, you’ll have access to this exclusive competitive mode…assuming you can find the entrance!

Game modes such as this will be used in the future to give you a break and to challenge yourself and compete with other players.

The premise for Graveyard Rumble is simple; vanquish as many monsters as you can, until you perish. If you’ve disposed of the most, the Overseer will announce it and you’ll appear on the leaderboards!

The top 10 players will be displayed on the leaderboard, but only the first player to reach that score will have their name recorded. Your name will only appear once on the leaderboard.

In the future, the leaderboard will auto reset and a new prize will be selected.

Graveyard Rumble Competition

To celebrate the launch of Graveyard Rumble, a competition will run until the 31st October. There will be 3 prizes as described below, for the top 3 places.

1st Place — Mythical Zenarthiil Parallel
2nd Place — Legendary Traumahawk
3rd Place — Epic Feeble Bloodstone

The players in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on the 31st October will win the relevant prize from above!


  1. You can’t enter multiple times by using multiple accounts. If you do this, you will be disqualified from all placings. One prize per person, you can’t win multiple prizes.
  2. No cheats, hacks, exploits. You must win fair and square. If our monitoring detects you’ve cheated to secure your placing, you will be disqualified and your account banned. If you find an exploit, report it and immediately cease using it.
  3. If you are disqualified, you will be removed from the leaderboard and other competitors moved up in place. If there are no clear winners, we may reset or cancel the competition.
1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.


The last update featured the ability to swap JENJ for Shadowstones, allowing you to trade Blockchain items off-chain within the game’s Royal Emporium (marketplace).

This update brings the ability to swap your Shadowstones back to JENJ. (This feature will initially be disabled for some further testing but will be enabled soon after launch).

Additionally, the trade fee in the marketplace has been increased from 3% to 4%. This 1% increase is now being used to populate an in-game treasury of Shadowstones that will drop within Adventures!

So basically 25% of the fees collected from in-game marketplace sales, are being fed back into the game and dispersed as rewards to everyone playing!

There is a catch with these rewards though. You can’t withdraw the Shadowstones you find on adventures to JENJ, but you can use them to buy Blockchain items at the Royal Emporium, or spend them at the website shop!

This feature directly supports a sustainable future of Shadowstones within the game, fueling the in game blockchain economy and allowing players to play-to-earn and purchase items with their earnt rewards.

In-Game Blockchain Trading limits

The minimum limits on Price per item in the marketplace has been changed from 100 to 5.

The fees and income are displayed as final values instead of percentages, allowing you to make your own decisions around minimum price and fees.

Website Shop

The checkout service on the website has had an overhaul. There are now 5 payment providers allowing you to choose the service that most aligns with you. (Some payment providers will initially be disabled for futher testing, but will be enabled soon after launch).

All prices on the website are now displayed in USD until you select your Payment provider. The price will be converted according to the currency you choose to pay with.


If you have any Shadowstones on your account, you’ll be able to use them to buy items from the Website shop!

You can obtain Shadowstones either by swapping JENJ for them within the game, or by finding them on your adventures.

Purchases made on the web shop using Shadowstones will have 5% of the purchase cost added into the Shadowstone Treasury and dropped on Adventures to reward all players!


You can use your Binance wallet to make payments in over 30 supported Cryptocurrencies, including Binance’s own!


Pay directly from the Crypto.com App!

Enjin Smart Wallet

This is similar to how you used to previously make Cryptocurrency payments. A number of currencies are supported on the Ethereum Network and can be sent from the Enjin wallet by scanning a QR code.

Credit Card

You can once again make payments using your credit card!



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