Large Lottery Jackpots Go Unclaimed Each Year

Is it safe to use those lottery ticket scanners often found in convenience stores? That’s a question more and more lottery players are asking these days. In the past, people simply went inside the store and asked the clerk to scan their tickets and tell them if they’d won or not. But then, it was discovered that some of these unscrupulous store clerks were lying and saying the tickets weren’t winners, then cashing them in and collecting the jackpot themselves.

The problem got so bad that local law enforcement began a sting operation in North Carolina where an undercover officer would go into a store with a winning ticket and ask the clerk to scan it. Sure enough, several different store clerks were arrested in this Sting Operation. Though these actions have certainly slowed down the number of dishonest store clerks, it’s still a huge worry for countless lottery players.

Many people believe that the safest way is to go online to the lotto website and check your numbers yourself but this idea also fails to work at times. Some people have vision problems; others get interrupted by kids or phone calls. Comparing your numbers to those on the computer screen can also cause eye strain, especially if you’ve purchased quite a few tickets.

So what’s the solution? One new and very reliable solution is the LottoMonkey App. This app is basically a lottery ticket scanner for your mobile phone. LottoMonkey doesn’t just tell you whether or not you’ve won. It digitizes the numbers printed on the ticket, showing you exactly what numbers match and how much money you’ve won. You can take your tickets into the convenience store fully confident that you’re a winner instead of relying on the clerk to tell the truth.

With the LottoMonkey app, you’ll never miss another jackpot! And believe it or not, many people overlook winning ticket numbers each year. Check out just a few of the BIG lottery misses in recent years.

In 2003, in Tampa Florida, no one ever stepped up to claim a $10,400,000 Powerball jackpot. Imagine winning that much and never knowing about it.

In Flower Mound, Texas, a $12.4 million jackpot went unclaimed and was eventually returned to the Texas Lotto fund. In 2013, a huge Powerball jackpot went unclaimed in Hillsborough County, Florida of over $16 million.

In the state of New York, at least three large jackpots have gone unclaimed. One of those was a whopping $31 million payout from a Mega Millions jackpot that was never claimed. Another New York ticket from 2003 won over $46 million, but was never claimed. The Mega Millions ticket was purchased in Brooklyn but no one ever showed up to get their winnings. How sad! That’s the kind of money that will change a person’s life.

A third unclaimed jackpot from New York exceeded $68 million and was purchased around Christmas time. This poor soul could have bought new Ferraris for all his friends for Christmas that year, but he never claimed the money.

Even overseas in other countries, huge lottery jackpots go unclaimed each year. In most cases, it’s simply a matter of the buyer not checking the ticket numbers carefully enough. Sometimes people forget to check them at all. They buy their tickets, put them in a drawer and just figure they didn’t win.

Winners have six months to claim their money, then it goes back into the state’s lottery fund. Basically, once the six months expires, you lose your money. The most accurate way to check numbers is with the LottoMonkey App. This app makes it easy and fun to check your numbers. And it tells you exactly which numbers won and how much you can expect to get. It’s the fail-safe way to make sure you never miss a big payout. And it’s available in the iTunes store.

Visit the LottoMonkey website to learn more or go directly to iTunes and buy yours today!

Download LottoMonkey from app store here, and check out it’s website here.

— Carolyn