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We Should Have Data Privacy Rights When Participating in Democracy

Campaign finance disclosures unnecessarily make political supporters vulnerable to physical and cyber attacks.

The US government is failing to protect political campaign supports from harm. (Jeremy Galliani | Scopio)

The US Federal Election Commission (FEC) has a data privacy problem. Though making political campaign financial records publicly accessible enables independent review to counter corruption and foreign influences, providing anonymous online…

The gateway to the clandestine corners of the internet. Insights on the manifestations of technology+security, innovation+science, art+philosophy, where humans fit into the equation, and how it shapes our future.

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Michael Figueroa (He/Him)

Michael Figueroa (He/Him)

Latinx tech & biz exec making solutions more accessible for mission-driven orgs. Fmr President, Advanced Cyber Security Center. linkedin.com/in/michaelfigueroa

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