Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself. Such is the first principle of existentialism — Jean Paul Sartre

Existentialism became one of the most influential intellectual movements in 19th and 20th century Europe. At its core it emphasizes an individual is free and responsible for his own existence through acts of his own will.

Does the internet really need one more article? (a.k.a the context)

That is a very valid concern. Allow me to build up to the answer by asking,

There is so much noise growing up, from the society and an education system both of which are rather unfairly biased by religion. In certain settings, we…

Medical imaging technologies enable physicians to take a peek under the hood, capturing snapshots of the internal organs and tissues to figure out what’s wrong. Inside their imaging toolboxes, clinicians have everything from “old school” X-rays to next-generation techniques that enable them to take high-resolution, information-rich images inside patients.

Still, surveying internal structures is just one element of the diagnostic process. Doctors still need to interpret what they see and cross-reference these details with databases depicting what’s considered normal to make a definitive diagnosis. Given the sheer number of features that need to be considered before making an accurate diagnosis…

There’s a new weapon in the battle against lung cancer metastases: red blood cells equipped with nanoparticles that stimulate the immune system to eliminate tumors. Tumors often metastasize to the lungs via the circulatory system, where they shield themselves from circulating immune cells by secreting immuno-suppressive chemicals. These metastatic cells then form secondary tumors in the lungs of advanced-stage cancer patients.

Scientists at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have devised a therapeutic system to combat this by leveraging the help of the body’s own immune defenses.

“We hypothesized that providing that chemokine signal at the tumor site could help restore the body’s…

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Originating from China, feng shui is the ancient “art of placement” that helps individuals find balance with their surroundings. The basic goal of feng shui is to harmonize chi (also spelled qi) energy that is composed of the female (yin) and male (yang) principle, as the life source of all living matter. This energy flows through the world by wind (feng) and water (shui). When interrupted, it can bring problems in every area of your life. …

Honey has written itself into human cultural history in several disparate ways, perhaps the most interesting of which is the convergent history of ‘mad honey’, hallucinogenic honey which is consumed all over the world. different cultures incorporated mad honey into their society at different times in human history. Today, scientific papers on the subject of ‘mad honey’ are still being published in major academic journals. One group of scientists produced a study which investigated the natural neurotoxins present in mad honey, while another group of researchers found that topical administrations of ‘mad honey’ improved wound healing rates in rats. Scientific…

The universe is made of music and stories, not information

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Sometimes we only become aware of a critical human ability when we’re about to lose it. Once I fought a futile battle to convey the value of novels and poetry to my son. After much sparing, I felt as if an unbridgeable divide had grown up between those of us whose inner lives revolve around the “fertile miracle of a communication effected in solitude” (Proust 2008, 67), i.e. reading, and those whose brains seem to act as extensions of their smartphone apps. As the battle drew to a close, he…

The metabolomics, extraction, theories, and mysteries of nicotine.

My 9th grade best friend and I made a pact. We swore to never give in to peer pressure. It took her only three months to become friends with the school’s notorious drug dealer. It took her that next week to begin her journey of extreme drug usage.

I questioned her one day after school. She looked at the ground and sighed. With every exhale, a thin stream of vape exited her mouth. She then looked at me with glossy red eyes, which only intensified our interaction. She clenched her fist as if she was protecting something in it.


The value of art spans way beyond its aesthetic qualities. We already wrote about how art can help us change society and our own state of mind. But art can also be used as a tool to improve our emotional intelligence (our understanding of ourselves) and our cultural intelligence (understanding of other cultures, their values, philosophies, and meanings). Art is a tool for communication that enables people from different times and different cultures to convey messages via depictions, stories, or sounds. In this blog post, we’ll show you a few ways how art (painting, photography, fashion, poetry, etc.) …

Scientists have discovered that depressed individuals show higher levels of inflammation as well as elevated fat concentrations in their bloodstreams. They also demonstrated that people with anxiety don’t have the same biochemical effects, despite the two psychological conditions being regarded as very similar.

More than half of people living with depression have a history of anxiety, and the two conditions have strong parallels in terms of symptoms, risk factors, and therapeutic interventions. However, the physiological effects of these disorders have yet to be fully mapped. Researchers from the Netherlands obtained samples from over 300 patients with depression and another 500…

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Gamification is the process of designing something with game-like elements. A practice that has been used to drive engagement and motivation with features such as point systems, feedback loops, leaderboards, badges, and so on.

You soon start to realize that gamification is a play on dopamine release and is in every facet of our lives from the depths of social media, games (of course), business, and even life itself. Think of it.

Forbes Top 100? Real-life leaderboard.

Born with certain traits and characteristics? Genetic Random Number Generator (RNG).

Credit score? Point system.

College Degree? Merit system.

Coffee in the morning…

Lotus Fruit

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