Sustainable Solutions: The Key to Empowerment

The band-aid fix isn’t enough anymore. Brandon Yu, Lotus Life’s Special Projects Team Leader, explains why sustainability matters.

The Lotus Life Foundation is more than just a medical help group. In addition to our education team, the Lotus Life Store and the soon to come microfinance related projects aim towards sustainability.

So why sustainability? Providing medical treatments, assisted walking devices, and expert medical consultants allow us to empower a large population. These tools give the opportunity of a different life for thousands of our patients. However, all of these pieces do not yet solve the puzzle of impoverished disabilities. With the lack of infrastructure and economic outlets, many of even our treated patients would not necessarily find employment.

The combination of a lack of skill sets and a lack of job prospects can often lead to a regression of progress. Sustainability allows us to work with our patients to attack problems at the core.

Our education team aims to teach applicable skill sets that will carry well past their time with Lotus Life. Skills such as reading braille, sewing clothes, communication skills, and standard academics, are more than just a band-aid fix. These skills open doors to a source of income that can lead to successful families and future generations.

The Lotus Life Foundation has also recently started a program with our partners CORD, Chinmaya Organisation For Rural Development, that aims at empowering young entrepreneurs by building skills of self reliance and income generations. CORD’s program is aimed at teaching clothing making skills to women . Similar to our education team, our store team works closely with CORD and our patients to teach the skills that they believe are necessary for a stable income.

Traditional clothing made by empowered women in rural India will be for sale soon.

All in all, the Lotus Life Foundation is prepared to aid in as many areas of life as we can for our patients and friends. We hope we can be a continual part of their lives as they progress into the future; however, we would enjoy it even more if we could let them succeed without us.

To learn more about Lotus Life Foundation store or CORD, please visit our websites at:

— Brandon Yu, Special Projects Team Leader

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