As of December 16th, 2023, Israel Has Killed 92 Journalists

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Please think about the blood it took. I was hoping you could think about the generations of Palestinians wiped out forever, never to be seen or heard from again. So many that we’ve lost track of names, dates, and how they died, because we’re finding more body parts than we are answers.

Please stop whatever you are doing and recognize that they are murdering journalists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, children, and babies, by the dozens and they are having fun while they do it.

Video of what appears to be an American soldier talking about what he will do in Gaza while the troops cheer

This is an American voice. This is America, the proud, the free, the beautiful. America the ugly, America the cruel, America the evil.

America the destroyer.

I want you to bear witness, to what American bombs, and guns, are doing to Palestinian children, and so the only way to do that is to show you.

Two children were visibly shaken after experiencing the war on Gaza firsthand

Children, who did nothing wrong, and yet Netanyahu says that it doesn’t matter. He will slay all women, children, and men, in his efforts to destroy Gaza and we the Westerners are letting this happen.

I didn’t know what war meant when I was a child. I didn’t know that the brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers, of my classmates were going to do this, I had no concept of what war looked like when I was growing up because I was taught about war from the colonizer’s perspective.

When I was growing up, there were no transgender, non-binary, or female soldiers, who were open about their experiences.

We didn’t have women coming to tell us that signing up was the most powerful thing they’d ever done. We had men who told us that they were only going to Afghanistan to be the good guys.

20 years later, countless dead Westerners, and millions of dead Afghani people, and the region is worse off than it’s ever been before.

War is a concept this planet understands deeply. Every generation has “the war” that they discuss as their own personal defining moment of growth.

For me, it’s all of them. It’s every time someone I love, care about or admire, ends up on a plane, flying millions of miles away, to do God knows what in places I’ll never see.

For me, it’s every time I see a child whose been ripped apart by shrapnel or other explosive events. For me it’s every day I wake up and look at my social media, knowing that friends, family members, sistas, allies, followers, fans, and readers, are expecting me to show them where I stand.

I think about losing my mom every day. Will it be cancer? Or some other illness? Because here in the Western world, the worst that I have to worry about is losing my mom, is that she’ll dye from some illness due to her advanced age.

I will never, I have never, worried about my mother being blown up by a bomb, and no it’s not fucking nice, because my sisters in Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Congo, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and yes Palestine, worry about this shit every single day.

I have no concept of what it’s like to live a life that is nothing but grieving because the world won’t give you a break, but I do know what it’s like to live in the land of the free, in a place where when bad people hurt you, big strong superheroes come and protect you. That’s my world, and I don’t know how to make the two mesh.

MoTaz, the Journalist, trying to get a signal out so that we in this world can know what is happening

There is little to no cell service in Gaza. Flour costs ten times what it normally costs, and while food can be found in some places in Gaza, according to Bisan, a well-known Palestinian revolutionary fighter, one family was forced to eat a donkey to survive.

People are dying, en masse, and they are dying with the aid and assistance of American taxpayer dollars, so the next time you say some shit like “Well Devon you’re Canadian this doesn’t really affect you,” remember that genocide affects all of us.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall, The Loud Mouth Brown Girl



Devon J Hall @LoudMouthBrownGirl
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