Colonizers Gonna Colonize

Then Say “It’s Not My Fault”

Devon J Hall @LoudMouthBrownGirl
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6 min readMay 25, 2024


I said it on X yesterday and I will say it here today. If you rob a bank and then you pass that money on to your children, your children will benefit from your crime. This is called generationally inherited wealth, often in the form of land, houses, and resources.

What we are seeing happen right now in Palestine, is nothing short of genocide, we know this. But we also know that the people of Israel — the government of Israel — are hosting land grab parties where they are trying to sell land in the state of Palestine, while in the midst of killing everything they see.

Across North America, verifiable real estate agents are holding parties for land sales in Palestine. Read that again, and again, and again.

They are not concerned about Hamas, they are concerned with eradicating all Palestinian people.

In Sudan, Congo, in Haiti, rebel armies are taking over the land, and killing, raping, and otherwise abusing women, children, and yes even men, in the worst ways humanly possible.

They are doing this on purpose. First, you starve the people, then you hit them with violence, then you hit them with war until nothing’s left, and when they hit back you call it “Terrorism.”

The Zionist playbook is the same as the Nazis’, same as the colonizers before them, it’ll be the same long after we’re gone.

Now I will admit, throughout the decades I’ve been on this earth, I have turned my gaze away. I have been guilty of thinking “I don’t want this to affect me.” I have thought to myself, “Nope, can’t do it,’ or “Too much for me, I’m out.”

So I should be the last one trying to shame you into paying attention, but because I was trained to turn a blind eye to “God’s rage,” as they call it in the church, I am the perfect person to tell you to open your own eyes.

Something majickal happens when we become radicalized against the people trying to kill us for power. We become a part of a larger community of folks genuinely trying to change the world for the better.

When women in the music or Hollywood industry come out and share their stories, millions of women around the world feel heard, and find reasons, ways, and means to escape the violence they have been experiencing.

When children come forward and tell us to pay attention to the climate crisis, we pay the fuck attention. So why when millions of people around the world are being displaced murdered and tortured, are you silent?

Is it because they are Black and Brown? Do their lives no longer matter to you the way that Ukraine does? Biden and Harris are sending billions in weaponry and staff to Israel to help with the “War against Hamas,” but not a dime to Palestine who can’t defend herself in any way without being accused of “Terrorism.”

How is that fair?!

How is it okay for Western Media to completely ignore the death of one hundred and seven journalists?! How is it acceptable for them to host an entire evening on the power of journalism and not even for ten seconds recognize the most innocent journalists in the world being murdered — slaughtered in front of the world’s gaze?!

It’s easy for them because they all know that they benefit from the war on Palestine. They all benefit from the Congolese suffering, we all benefit from what is happening to these poor, disenfranchised, marginalized folks, and that’s why we’re silent.

We know that silence is complacency, but we don’t care because if we care then we have to stop being comfortable, and there’s nothing a colonizing human hates more than discomfort.

I shouldn’t have been born here some folks think. I don’t think that’s true. I think that Immigration is beautiful, I wouldn't be here without it, but I do think that our ancestors fucked the pooch so to speak, when they decided they’d rather leave a legacy of blood, instead of hope.

Our ancestors could have chosen to do things diplomatically, but instead, they chose war. And now we are as their descendants stuck in a mindless war over resources, land, property, and power, just like they were.

I think the reason a lot of people — no, let’s be honest here, — the reason a lot of white people don’t want to acknowledge that they have power over the rest of us is that they know they have power over us, and the thought they might lose it — even if they don’t use it — is terrifying.

The thing is, if you’re white you DO have power over people of color. You are more likely to be hired. You are more likely to be respected. Cops aren’t going to follow you around the store.

When people of color do get power, we often end up with men like Robert Kelly, Bill Cosby, Kanye, and Sean Combs, men who get a touch of power and then think they can get away with anything. Often because white supremacy has taught them exactly how to act and behave they do get away with anything.

The rules change when you have money. We all know this, the rules change but the morals don’t. What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong. Murder is wrong. Genocide is wrong.

Hollywood is sitting silent meanwhile in Europe Nicola Coughlan is raising all kinds of Hell because she is unafraid of losing her power, unafraid of losing her comfort, unafraid of the consequences of speaking truth to power.

The church has been vocal on Palestine, but not enough to tell Netanyahu directly that he is not a “Child of light.”

I mean I suppose he could be, but let me explain that line. The line Children of Light comes from Lucifer — as he is in fact “The Light Bringer,” the one who is supposed to fight with Michael, which of course opens the portals to Hell around the world, thus creating the Apocalypse.

What we’re seeing happen now by the bible’s very direction, is that apocalypse.

It’s not happening in North America and it was never going to, it was going to end where it started. Always.

As before, so now, as above, so below.

That’s the story of the beginning, the middle, and the end, that we were taught in Roman Catholic school, so as much as the Pope gently admonishes Israel, he just like the rest of his sheep, truly believes what is happening in the Middle East, and around the world, I should say, is “God’s Will.”

I cannot be the one to break his heart because he won’t listen to me, but it’s absolutely not. I do not believe in the one god theory, it’s too arrogant, and it justifies all kinds of horrible things for the most violent, and useless among us.

I believe if God did exist, he, she, they, and yes them, would be disgusted at what they’re seeing happen on this planet right now. I think the very idea of 1 singular God has divided us humans, and it’s long past time we find our way back to each other again so that we can stop dividing ourselves to make the individual self more comfortable and the collective far more powerful.

We, right now, you reading this, have the power to make changes. Maybe you already wrote letters, held fundraisers, and supported the right candidates, but have you ever thought of running?

If we’re going to change the system then we need to start changing who we allow into the system, and who we lift. We need to stop supporting the Jonathan Majors and Kanye West’s of the world, and start supporting the grassroots organizers who are finding ways to take children to movies in America, while shutting down universities across the planet…with the power of their voices.

We can do this, we can end colonization, today. Right now. We just need your voice too.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall, The Loud Mouth Brown Girl



Devon J Hall @LoudMouthBrownGirl
And Another Thing…

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