Hollywood Fucked Itself This Time

There’s No Coming Back From Being Complicit in Genocide

Devon J Hall @LoudMouthBrownGirl
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In case you’ve been living under a rock, there is a whole ass genocide happening in Sudan.

In Congo.

In the DRC.

In Palestine.

In Haiti.

There are five places in the world where people are dying en masse, because of the country of The United States of America, and the actions taken by her government, and you, reading this, are doing nothing to stop it.

You’re not making phone calls.

You’re not writing letters.

You aren’t using your platform to help.

You aren’t calling for a ceasefire.

You won’t stop buying Apple products.

You won’t do anything that makes your life even slightly uncomfortable, so the lives of people going through a genocide can be more comfortable.


I am

  • still supposed to go to your movies.
  • Buy into the brands that pay you.
  • Buy your clothes.
  • Go to your concerts.
  • Protect your brand because I am a “Fan”


Support everything you do because once upon a time I convinced myself you, as a celebrity, were the kind of person I could respect.

I’m not talking to you if you’ve done any of the things listed above, I am talking to you if you’ve remained silent.

We’re by spiritual standards, not supposed to worship other human beings. We’re not supposed to lift folks so high that they forget where they come from, and yet in so many ways that’s precisely what we do.

I’ve resented the fact that I’m the one who has to write this essay for so long because I have so many people I love in the celebrity world doing good things.

Still, many people around them are so afraid of losing their jobs, losing brand deals, or losing the life they’ve become accustomed to, that they are now complicit in genocide.

I understand fear.

Fear is having every male in your entire life other than your own brothers rape you. Fear is knowing they will prioritize their own safety over your own, fear is being terrified they’ll come back and kill the only relative you have left if you speak out AND FUCKING DOING IT ANYWAYS.

I was terrified when I told my story of gang rape, called crazy and psychotic, but I survived, the least you can do is put your fears aside to help the most vulnerable among us.

The video of kids in Palestine listening to “Hind’s Hall”, means everything to me.

Not because it’s a bunch of kids listening to a song written by a let’s be honest, rather mediocre white guy, but because it’s a song that promoted positively, an entire movement, around the entire globe.

In doing so, the kids who needed to know that of all the people in the world, they ARE being heard, got to hear, that they are being heard.

Now do the same for The Congo, the DRC, Sudan, and Haiti. Those kids are looking for signs that their struggle matters and you as Captain America, Black Widow, Blue Beetle, have the power to show them that their voices are being heard, and yet you are making the choice to remain silent.

Because you might lose the platform.

Let me remind you, Hollywood needs the people, the people do not need Hollywood. We can make our own t-shirts, we can support our own communities, and we don’t have to support Hollywood.

We do so because we believe that you are the brightest stars among us, sharing the stories that inspire us to believe we can live without you.

Like for real, how the fuck are you gonna make an entire franchise about fighting against the Empire, and then join the fucking Empire?!

How the fuck are you going to make a movie about filming the escape of Jewish people across Sudan, only to then turn around and join the Zionist movement?

How are we supposed to take you seriously if you don’t use that critical thinking you helped destroy so much? Critical thinking means that you actually read and articulate why these stories are important. You are not actors, you are ambassadors of inspiration, and you’re using your power to help the most evil among us so that your bank account stays fat.

Fuck you.

I loved you. I’ve loved Hollywood since I was two years old, all the important and beautiful people there, all the friends who helped me get through my teen years, all the stories that I wrapped myself with when I cried so hard I started to throw up, and this is what you are. A rusted penny, begging for attention.

I’m tired. I’m tired of telling the world what it’s doing wrong, I am tired of being the one to point the finger and tell which group of people how they need to do better, but I wouldn’t have to if you’d stop being so fucking stupid.

This is the link to the video of the kids in Palestine hearing Hind’s Hall for the first time. Watch that video, and tell me now they can’t hear our voices, tell me now that speaking out isn’t making a difference in their lives.

Each of us has a platform that can be used to change the world, but if you’re going to be a Zionist, and then run a website devoted to American politics that is supposed to break down policies in a way that explains it to those who are confused, you’re a fucking word I cannot say.

You’re horrid. How dare you, you fucking fraud, you pretend to be this shining star that we should look up to, we’ve bought into Hollywood for far too long, and I think I love the BlockHollywood movement. I think it’s the greatest thing since Gretta Gynt.

The world is much smaller than it used to be, in large part due to Steve Jobs, but in also large part due to his and his company's evil practices, children are being murdered, raped, and conscripted to join a war they wanted nothing to do with.

The people being impacted are farmers, scientists, teachers, doctors, and lawyers, and all of their lives have been interrupted because of these wars.

You have the power to say something, no matter how big or small your platform, and anyone who tells you not to, is telling you they are perfectly, one hundred percent okay, with the death of children.

Black and Brown Children are still children.

You have children.


Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall, The Loud Mouth Brown Girl



Devon J Hall @LoudMouthBrownGirl
And Another Thing…

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