I Wouldn’t Given The Choice, Choose Abortion

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The Decision

I don’t want to ever need to have an abortion. I don’t want to choose to have an abortion and I cannot imagine the decision tree that goes into the process of realizing one is pregnant, to making the decision to have an abortion.

Whether you choose to have an abortion because you don’t want to be a parent, or because you need one so you don’t die, there is a lot of minute decisions that lead up to a person having an abortion.

These decisions have to happen in a very short period of time because legally and honestly, ethically, you only have a few weeks to decide what you’re going to do about the news “you’re pregnant.”

Anywhere between 4–6 weeks, and all the way up to 24 weeks. That might seem like a long time at either end of the scale, but the idea of actually having a doctor remove a human life from your body?

That decision PROCESS can feel endless, and if you decide to have the abortion, — for medical, spiritual, or emotional reasons — then you’re stuck with years of shame and guilt.

Not because you actually are supposed to feel guilty, but because a bunch of people throughout your life, who find out you’ve had an abortion, will sit and judge you often loudly because it’s not a choice they would have made.

THEY Are Pregnant — You As the Partner/Husband/Life Person are Expecting, There’s a Difference

It took me a moment to remember the gentleman who gave birth, but once I did, it occurred to me that usually, only 1 person in a relationship gets pregnant — and to be very clear about my stance on LGBTQ2S+ that link will take you to an article — one of a couple of them floating around — about a man who gave birth, which is really fucking cool.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way for the moment, let’s talk about what it means to find out you’re pregnant, regardless of race, creed, gender, etc.

First things first: “Holy Shit, I’m Pregnant…” and then there are all the feelings that come with that. For some people it’s the greatest joy in the world, for others it’s an unholy nightmare that must be destroyed by whatever means necessary.

This isn’t because people just want to kill living things, it’s because, for some people, pregnancy and a life of being a parent just aren’t in the cards.

  • Economic status
  • Abusive partnerships
  • Domestic issues
  • Access to care
  • Medical emergencies

Are all reasons that people say “yes,” to have an abortion, and as soon as they do — regardless of what their reasons are — they are harassed, given death threats, scared to, well death, that some crazy, lunatic with “mental health issues,” that stem from too many years belonging to an evil cult, will come and kill them for being a “murderer.

Recently a bunch of laws were passed in Texas to prevent women from getting abortions — legally and safely — and what’s worse the entire American government followed suit when they decimated what was left of Roe vs Wade.

You’re Only Saying This Because Supporting Abortions is Popular

If you believe this, you’re a liar. You’re not stupid, you’re not a fucking moron, you know better. You know damned well that women who try to get a legal and safe abortion will often end up dead in an alley now because she has nowhere safe and legal to go, and even if they COULD get to safe legal abortion, then they risk fine or jail time for getting an abortion.

As you read this, an underground network of spies and protectors are gathering to help women who need access to healthy, positive, and namely free, medical care, and yes that medical care includes abortion.

And while the network is being built, there are other people — mostly white supremacist “Christian,” style “white is right,” believing folks, are doing everything they can to ensure that women who are pregnant and don’t want to be or can’t be because that pregnancy will kill them, are tracked and spied on, so they can’t access out of state abortions.

You’re lying.

No, I’m fucking not.

How Do We Help These Pregnant Baby Bringing Folk?

Well, you could start by keeping YOUR nose out of THEIR business.

That’s step one. Step two is not supporting white supremacy. Step three is understanding that SOMEONE ELSE’S ABORTION IS NOT ABOUT YOU.

The end.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall



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