Not All White People: Part 420,000,000,000 — How Stupid Do White People Need To Be?

Proof of Life Photo of Devon J Hall after surviving 30+ years of sexual abuse at the hands of white supremacists across Surrey, North Delta, BC, and Calgary Alberta, Canada. — Credit, Devon J Hall

Here’s the deal. On May 3rd, 2022, I wrote an essay called “Stupid Shit White People Love To Say,” and then I finished a book called “I’m Still Talking,” and after I finished it, I got hit with a shit storm of love letters from the community that I call Krisya Ohana.

So here’s the thing. I took this photo of this book I made, and inside the book, is a whole network of names and stories that are yet to be written. The whole book is about a fictional world where women in particular are the rulers of a secret organization of people who can do fantastical things.

The problem with this story that I could never figure out how to tell though, was how do I explain that women — ALL women — rule this planet, from behind men that are absolutely convinced that they are in control?

So after I finished writing “I’m Still Talking,” I started thinking about the children that I grew up with. Many of them moved to British Columbia from Calgary like my brother and my mother and I did, and it was so weird because so many of us knew each other in Calgary, but as things happen, you get older and you forget what you knew when you knew as a child.

As a child, I was wild and free, and I didn’t care what people thought of me. The colour of my skin didn’t matter to me the way it mattered to other adults in the world that I grew up in, and as the years went on and the abuse at the hands of white men got worse, I started to realize that many of the children I grew up with in Calgary, were actually people that I spent a long time with in my teens, twenties and early thirties.

I mean it’s hard to remember that you knew someone at the age of five when you’ve had a lifetime of trauma, right? And then you meet them in a strip club or at a mall, or in a parking lot, and you begin creating these brand new relationships with these amazing people who have changed so much over the years that you completely forget, “I forgot I knew you…” is like a real syndrome.

Especially when you grow up in a place like Surrey, British Columbia.

So when I wrote the post “Stupid Shit White People Love To Say,” I was really coming at it from a place of anger at the fact that a lot of my life — and in often weirdly majickal but parallel ways the people that I love very much, were going through the same traumas, at the hands of the same people, BUT we didn’t know that we were all being abused by the same people.

Do you know what happens with Trauma Survivors?

Trauma survivors only share their stories when they feel safe, and when there are so many of us who are closely related because we had the same abusers but we didn’t necessarily know, it’s really hard to be open and true.

Soooo I wrote the post to say “yo, WHITE PEOPLE, we hear you, you’re angry, the world is destroying everything that makes you comfortable, but could you PLEASE remember that a LOT of the world has been uncomfortable for FIVE BAZILLION FUCKING YEARS and that NOT EVERYTHING IS BLACK AND WHITE?

These are just some of the responses that I got to a post that was MY way of sharing the trauma of BILLIONS of children, women, and people of colour, Indigenous and disabled folks — this was the response to me saying that “MARGINALIZED COMMUNITIES,” are exhausted too:

Imagine Using “Stupid Shit Black People Love To Say As A Title” There, It’s a Fucking Title, are you happy?

Here’s the thing, Black, BIPOC and all kinds of people DON’T say stupid shit. But white people hear the words “white people,” and they immediately think “fuck I’m in trouble again,” but they never finish the fucking sentence.

The sentence finishes like this, “fuck I’m in trouble, NOT because I’m white but because I use my white as a weapon to DELIBERATELY make people feel uncomfortable, and THEN I bitch and moan when people are mean to me because I hurt their feelings.”

The problem is that no matter what ANYONE who is different and “other” than “perfectly exactly right,” says, the moment WHITE people hear “I have a problem with you,” they think it’s because they’re white.

No, it’s because you’re being a fucking asshole and causing unnecessary harm, just to prove you’re superior, and when you get knocked back you’re pissed off.

Get over it.

Some not all,” is the EXACT same thing as “NOT ALL MEN,” sweetie, darling, you’ve been following The Loud Mouth Brown Girl, for a while now, almost since I started on Medium, so you know damned well how I feel about the word “some” when I clearly SAID WHAT I FUCKING SAID.

If you’d like to keep being a follower, please read what “I” wrote, take a long hard look at yourself and if you REALLY need to respond, ask yourself WHY, you feel the need to respond to an essay about white folk, or any other topic that affects people and women of colour. Is it because:

  • Have you learned something?
  • Did you feel something?
  • You were inspired?
  • Or because you’re pissed off and you’re white, AND you think that I am talking to you when I’m probably talking to someone in Iran or Dakar?

Just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s about YOU.

is LGBT acceptance any better in Black countries?’ No, and do you know why? because Black people are so focused on holding on to what keeps them at THE BARE MINIMUM comfortable, because EVERYTHING is so fucking hard, that the idea of actually being vulnerable enough to accept that LGBTQ2S+ folks exist, is too exhausting. And scary.

And the worst part is that if 5000 years ago, white folk had left Wakanda the fuck alone, then perhaps Black folk would have the capacity to celebrate being themselves. But the truth is that FAR too many Black folks are FORCED to hide their true selves because pretending to hate everything you are, is often easier, than saying “no fuck it, I’m just going to ignore it.

BLACK folk in particular — women and children — do not have the luxury of being openly and proudly LGBTQ2S+, because we’re too busy trying to fight off the 10,000,000,000,000 trillion other fucking things that try to kill us every day which often start with WHITE SUPREMACY.

Okay so here’s the thing, and yes the book is “She Said Yes,”, saying this to white people, is like telling Anne Frank and her entire family, their village, their friends, the allies, and everyone in the world who fought for the world to be free, to go fuck themselves.

We do not do that. We don’t tell ANYONE to end their own life, as Amanda Todd’s family is fighting to prove. Each and every human life on this planet matters, we as marginalized communities know this, but we ALSO know that just because you have a right to exist, doesn’t mean you have the right to abuse others, in the name of God, Country, or any other stupid ass soup can label you can find to explain why “some” humans matter than other humans.

It is absolutely NEVER a bad thing to say “hey I want to help someone and here’s how I know how whose interested in donating to make sure this website/company/brand/charity keeps going and is funded well enough to do the work that is helping others.”


I once called Amnesty International from a bar in Vancouver, begging them to help a woman named Neringa Venkiene, and (thankfully) things turned out for her okay, but it was NOT because Amnesty International did their job.

It was because the woman who fought the ENTIRE Lithuanian Government to force them to acknowledge the child sex trafficking there, had her entire life turned upside down when they tried to murder her, kidnapped a child who was sold into child sex trafficking by her own mother and had to have members of the US Government fight for her safe return home. If you don’t know who Neringa is, she’s actually the reason that I started talking about what happened to my Ohana in the first place. Please look up #OpLithChild for more information.

Here are some links from the past organized attack against Lithuania and the proof that #OpLithChild refers to ALL children, but started because too many people were inspired by the child who screamed “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME, YOU’RE MY MOTHER, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” while hundreds of thousands of protestors tried to fight an entire Lithuanian police tactical unit (about 100 cops or so) from breaking down the door of a sanctuary to steal a five-year-old little girl from the only group of people in the world who were fighting an army to keep her safe.

Now ask yourself after hundreds more people around the world who knew about OpLithChild but didn’t sign the petition because they were afraid to put their names to it, would have reached out to Amnesty International which said over and over again “we can’t help, this is not what Amnesty is for.”

The real reason that organizations like Amnesty International isn’t doing as much as they are SUPPOSED to do is because of shit like this rat fucking piece of shit:

So — let’s go at this with another angle.

This photo is of the Lithuanian President, and Donald Trump. (no I will not call that piece of garbage human a fucking President, you don’t deserve a title when you have hackers literally rig the fucking ballots.)

I could write hundreds of books on the evils of countries like Lithuania, and not because it’s a WHITE country, but because it’s a birth, to a sex trade pipeline and has been for decades. Not because of poverty but because of evil disgusting adult greed.

So, come at me again with the “but not all white people.” Here is another fascinating photo of Trump.

1 of those people is dead.

Another is in prison for not NEARLY enough years, *nice try ya fuckin backstabbing fraud,*, and one became President of the United States of America until the entire country — AND WORLD — decided that enough was enough of Pedophiles running charities and being in charge.

Tell me again that I’m wrong.


So we’re not allowed to call you white, we’re not allowed to call you people, what the fuck else would you like us to call you? White people have lots of names for people of colour including but not limited to:

  • Chink
  • Nigger
  • Christ Killer
  • Churka

Here’s the thing, white people are allowed to say WHATEVER the fuck they want and NO ONE else is going to respond? NO ONE is going to say something, huh, sounds like 5000 years of more compartmentalized bullshit to me.

Fine. I’m REALLY glad you love Rebecca Stevens A. writing, she’s AMAZING and sooo talented and wise, but she’s NOT the Loud Mouth Brown Girl, so if you want to know about my everyday life, too bad. The problem is that Rebecca writes what Rebecca is called to write. And unfortunately, as much as I FUCKING HATE It, the idea of bitching about how TRULY boring my life is, isn’t fun for me.

I want to actually do something, but right now I’m going through a lot and so instead of focusing on myself, I use MY platform, to tell the stories that people are not paying attention to.

Here’s what White Supremacy has brought the world.

  • The Holocaust
  • Slavery
  • Japanese Internment camps
  • The loss of Roe Vs Wade

Loud Mouth Brown Girl is a response from the oldest elements of the universe who decided that I am the only one in the entire any dimension ever to be “this” person, don’t like it? Then quit reading what I have to say. That sounds like a great starting point to me. (Do better Christopher)

On and on and on, I don’t talk about my everyday day-to-day life, because I did that on a blog called SynDolly and no one gave a shit about me, the stuff I wrote was SUPER important but it didn’t really matter to anyone other than me at the time.

HOWEVER, Loud Mouth Brown Girl seems to really piss off people who say and do stupid shit thinking they can get away with it because of the patches they wear or pretend to wear, or the lines they think they can get away with crossing.

So if I hear “NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE,” one more time, I’m going to start adding you to a special section called “I’m personally signing myself up for a spot in hell by saying stupid shit on the internet thinking that the Devil doesn’t get the dailies.”

Sending all my love, to Ohana

Devon J Hall



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