The Way We Fight Wars Has Changed, But The Battle For Human Rights Is Ongoing

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Every day I sign online and I spend hours looking to see what is happening in the world. I hear about Human Rights being stolen in America, I see murders happening in Europe of Bloggers who are just sharing their voice, and the deaths of hundreds of women at a time around the globe.

This is nothing compared to what the FBI, NSA, CIA, DEA, And other alphabet organizations around the world see.

They see the kind of stuff that makes humans want to kill themselves or others. They are inundated with the kind of emotional trauma no individual human should carry alone, and yet they do it because they see the ABSOLUTE worst that humans can do to each other, ironically, keeping the rest of the planet safe.

Right now I’m binge-watching Blind Spot, which is one of my absolute favourite shows.

I’m thinking about the many men and women sitting in tiny little corners of the world, fighting things that we’ll never hear about on the news, or won’t hear about for thirty more years until the files are declassified.

I’m thinking about how lonely it must be, to live in a world where “survival,” literally means, “alive today, dead tomorrow.”

Some Gave Some, Others Gave All — Korean War veteran Howard William Osterkamp

On a very minute scale, that was my life, and the life of the many boys who became gangsters, because it was the only way that they could survive the world that told them they didn’t deserve to try being anything else.

It is a very real thing that children are groomed to be criminals of all kinds because it makes it easier for the adults in the lives of these children, to have a sense of power over them.

That’s the premise of Blind Spot, if you haven’t seen it Sheppard claims that she “adopted” two children from a “turn a kid into a killer” program, and she turns these two children into well-trained assassins with a mission to destroy the US Government in a variety of horrible and awful ways.

In the days of old, our ancestors fought with majick, with spells and curses, and then came the weapons. First, there were sticks and stones, and then there were swords, then came the guns, and that changed the game.

The guns of the world led to the bombs, and the bombs led to nuclear options, and on and on and on until there were a billion and one ways to destroy millions of lives at a time, and only one way to prevent that from happening.


Not truth as we know it, but 100% truth is the only way to stop terrible people from doing terrible things. Take Aaron Swartz for instance.

On November 17, 2011, Swartz was indicted by a Middlesex County Superior Court grand jury on state charges of breaking and entering with intent, grand larceny, and unauthorized access to a computer network. — Wikipedia

While many of the major charges were dropped, none of this changed the fact that Aaron Swartz killed himself.

Or that Edward Snowden had his citizenship revoked and is still hiding out in a foreign country, or that Reality Winner, who told the truth about possible Russian hackers attacking US computer systems, is living in a halfway house.

What we’re learning in our older years is that the only time that we’re allowed to tell the truth, is when it doesn’t point the finger at the people in power.

It wouldn’t have mattered if it was Obama, Trump, or Biden in office, Reality Winner and Edward Snowden were done in America, and even writing about them will have my name on a list within seconds of me posting this, because “is she defending them?

Yes, and no.

Yes, because the American people and the rest of the world have the right to know that the NSA was spying on people without impunity, without oversight, and without being held responsible for their actions. People from across the globe, without warrants, and without the legal right to do so.

I was watching CNN the day that Donald Trump — former President of the United States of America — told Russia on live television, “Russia, if you’re listening, find her emails,”

I remember the shock on my face, when not a few weeks or months later, I can’t fully remember, Reality Winner was jailed for releasing proof that Russia had tried to follow the orders given to them — when they accomplished a task they were invited to attempt — by a former President of the United States of America.

Now, let’s talk about White Supremacy.

In the show “Blind Spot,” “Jane Doe,” the one with all the tattoos, tells her “brother” Roman, “they don’t know we’re in a war.”

I’ve been saying this for a few months now. White Supremacist groups are definitely at war. With the American people, with immigrants, with women, with Black folk, disabled folk, and BIPOC folk in general. With LGBTQ2S+, with women, even with their own men.

They Believe They Are Fighting A War And They Are Legitamitely Training For It.

With guns, grenades, and whatever incendiary tools they can find, they are planning and plotting a war.

I don’t say this because I want to scare you, but I absolutely say this because I want you to be as fucking petrified as I am.

It didn’t start with the Texas and Florida ban on trans kids participating in youth, it didn’t start with Roe vs Wade, it didn’t start with Black folk, it started generations ago when the first English soldiers made it across the water into what was then known as KA-NA-TA, and eventually became Canada.

The white supremacist needs to destroy everything that doesn’t fit the “white is right” trope, which is not going to end. The bloodlust is generations deep, four hundred and more generations deep, and these people will kill your children.

They will groom your children as they did to me and the boys that I was forced to go to bed with, they will indoctrinate your children with backwater Christian ideology that isn’t at all what Jesus himself taught, and they won’t give a flying fuck when they end up in prison for their actions and beliefs.

They’ll tell you that they are “under attack,” from liberalism, from the “left,” from people who believe in fair wages, housing, food equality, and the rest of the basic human needs that we need to just survive, let alone live.

It no longer matters if my supporters are white, Black, or Indigenous, it no longer matters to me what colour, creed, nationality, size, orientation, or whatever other stupid ass labels you come up with to divide yourself from the rest of humanity might be.

What matters to me, is that trained-to-kill men and women are out there killing Black, and BIPOC folk and their allies, at an alarming rate and we’re not talking about it.

It used to be that men and women trained all their lives to join government organizations to keep us safe, but if the last fifteen years have taught me anything, it’s that not only can these government organizations be infiltrated, they can also be corrupted.

How can you say that I’m wrong when you look at the same news I am seeing while seeing hundreds of thousands of people around the world being murdered because they are asking to be treated better?

How can you expect a single person in the CIA, DEA, FBI, and other alphabet organizations, to save the world, without the rest of the world knowing what’s happening?

But What About Wide Spread Panic?

Have you looked the fuck outside? People are panicking.

They are panicking at the banks and buying into cryptocurrency which is the largest fucking scam since the invention of the money period.

People are scared, and they are buying into bad faith organizations, terrible companies, and whatever else they think will save their lives, only later realizing that all they were buying into was a house made of dry sand.

People are petrified, cops are openly killing people in the streets, shooting at pregnant women, killing unarmed men, and white kids are getting away with murder, with literal murder, and we’re not talking about it. More accurately, white people aren’t talking about it. Not enough.

I follow a lot of people on social media between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and I’m not seeing any white people standing up and taking up the fight. Instead, I’m seeing shit like “Black women need to…”

I’m sorry what the fuck do Black women — specifically — need to do, that we’re not already doing?

We provide free education through social media, through our books, blogs, and podcasts, we write books, we give lectures, we attend events, and WE show up whenever we can, but when it’s time for us to tell our stories, the white people in the room and get queasy and walk away.

I wish that I had the ability to walk away from trauma, but I don’t get that luxury.

I don’t know if Reality Winner and Edward Snowden did the right thing, I honestly don’t. I don’t have access to the case files and I have no idea what they were seeing and why they thought it was important the rest of the world knows what they were seeing.

But what I do know is that these two people — white people — took a huge stand against an American government they didn’t trust, they were given access to some of the most secret corners of the entire planet, and they decided to share what they learned, I believe, in hopes that it would make for a better world.

I hope that was their motive, and I honestly hope that those of you who are out there, who have the ability to say or do something to change the trajectory of what’s happening in America and the world, away from the speeding bullet that is seriously going to destroy us all.

The white supremacists who call themselves Christian but are anything but Christian as I was raised, will do everything they can to destroy every single one of us. And if we let them they will get away with it.

Silence isn’t just murder, it’s absolution for the crimes that we see happening but make the conscious choice to do nothing about it.


Again I say this.

White Supremacist Patriarchy Supporters Believe They Are At War. They Are Highly Funded, and Well Trained. They Have Full Blown Militia At The Ready, Waiting For The Signal. As We Saw On January 6th, 2021. What Are You Going To Do About It?

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall



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