You Are Blackity Black Black, They Will Never Accept You

We’re At War, Why Will People not Understand That?

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When Malcolm X said “The Price of Freedom is Death,” he meant it.

His name was Tyre Nichols, and he was killed by 5 Black cops in Memphis, United States of America.

This matters, for so many fucking reasons. And I want to blame Candace Owens because she made Black folk feel comfortable believing that white men would protect us. They won’t. They never have, and they are not going to start now.








Thinking they would get away with it, because they are cops, and there is a rule that says that cops can do whatever they want and get away with it. They have the law on their side because Justice is blind. Here’s the problem.

The rule is unspoken, but SPECIFICALLY refers only to WHITE cops, not ALL cops, and these Black men forgot that. So I won’t bother learning their names. They are nameless racists who went after one of their own kind, thinking they would get away with it, believing fully, the law would protect them.

The law never protects Black people, it never has and it’s not going to start any time soon. Repeat that every day. Black people are not safe.

In the 1990s, Gangsta Rap was blamed for the victimization of Black men around the country, but specifically in Downtown LA where Black men weren’t welcome, until the rise of Black Gangsta Rap, which although dangerous opened doors that literally no one would have ever imagined being opened.

Doctor Dre was one of the first Black men through the doors on the highest floors of Downtown LA, a place that not even Malcolm X was allowed to go to in his time.

Dre was invited to the whitest parties, played his part, and then Snoop Dog showed up and later Ice Cube, who brought us the song “Gangsta Rap made me do it,” earlier last year Cube went on a speech rant talking about why he wrote the song, I refuse to listen to it because I see no reason for him to explain himself, but for the purposes of this article, here it is.

Gangsta rap didn’t make anyone violent, but Candace Owens absolutely did inspire this attack on Nichols and I’m going to prove it.

Candace Owens loves to talk about how white supremacy is a legendary beast made up by Black folk to scare children, but how many times have you seen and heard her support “white lives matter,” which is a rallying cry from white supremacists?

Candace Owens, Kanye West, and other proud Black republicans have no problem talking about how great the GOP party is, how important white lives are, and how we’re all making it up when a Black person is killed by a white man or a white cop.

When it’s Black-on-Black violence all white people everywhere can point to it and say “Well why aren’t we talking about that?”

Well let’s talk about internalized hatred, let’s talk about structural racism that convinces Black folk they’ll be protected if they go against their own, let’s talk about a system of violence that convinces some Black folks they can have power and money if only they show their white cop friends, whose side they're really on and I’m just over it.

Black-on-Black violence doesn’t happen as often as they want you to think, they say it does, so that they can point to the few times it does happen and say “see? it’s not just us.”

When I look at these five Black cops, I see five men who thought they would be protected by a system of violence as old as the system of justice we have today. I see five men who thought that their cop friends would protect them, who are facing justice faster than the cop who shot BREONNA TAYLOR, faster than the man who stabbed DEVONNA WALKER, faster than the men who killed AMAUD ARBERY, faster than the woman who cried rape against EMMIT TILL, a woman who is still alive and not facing justice.

Justice is only blind when it comes to Black folk you see, because even though these men were Black, here’s what’s going to happen.

So far they have been charged and will be arrested, where they will then go on to arraignment, and after that, they will face trial.

All of this will happen in a matter of weeks so that cops everywhere can say that “justice has been served,” and in comparison to the many complaints against white cops, this will be the sweeping rug they need to say that they are actually doing something about a cop on Black folk crime. None of it will be true.

These men will be punished faster and harder than any white cop in the history of time and we need to address that the next time a cop kills someone.

Gangsta rap didn’t make these men kill, but white supremacy absolutely did.

Remember that: They thought they’d get away with it. NEVER forget that.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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I want Brown girls around the world to know that their voice matters. I want them to know that they can effect change, that they can build communities, and soar to hieghts they never imgined with the power of their own voice. I want them to stand up and be LOUD, unapolegetically.

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