Your Children’s Children’s Children…Deserve Better Than What They Are Getting

We Failed Our Eldest Generations By Making The Same God Damned Mistakes

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A little person, probably around the age of four or five woke up this morning and thought “I am not what they call me.”

Maybe they are a boy, maybe they are a girl, maybe they are neither, maybe they are in between both, and many more that we don’t even have words for yet.

There are days when I wake up and sometimes my first thought “I don’t want to be a woman. I want to be anything other than what I am.” But it’s not the same as knowing that the soul that came to this earth, is not in the body it’s supposed to be in.

The mental health issues that trans and non-binary folks face do not come from being transgender or non-binary. They don’t come from being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or anything in between.

They come from the way that other human beings are beings who don’t think that we should be allowed to exist as we are. They come from having to survive being told that we do not deserve to exist, that our lives, our passions, wants, needs, and desires, not only don’t matter but are somehow disturbing or gross.

Recently I’ve seen a disturbing re-emergence on social media, people saying that LGBT2S+ folks are pedophiles and rapists. It’s that part that pisses me off the most.

Because you have decided that I do not deserve to exist, you will go out of your way to turn me into a monster for everyone who might have supported me, because you get off on spreading hatred and destruction.

I see you for what you are. You are a detractor, you were sent here to seek and destroy all the great and beautiful things about this world. Either with your hands, external weapons, or your words, you go out of your way to destroy everything about us, so you can feel better about your existence.

You come in all creeds, nationalities, colors, and sizes. You are from around the globe, and you like those before you have been conditioned to believe that we’re evil, even as you call for our books to be banned and our very existences to be destroyed.

There are days when I wake up and I see all the beautiful things, and as soon as I start to feel like I’ve found an anchor to hold onto, something to be hopeful for, some really awful and horrible person says or does something cruel, evil, and often beyond comprehension to remind me that no matter how much hope there is in this world, there is too much darkness.

Why Can’t We Have a Straight / White Pride? Why Would That Be So Awful?

Whiteness represents power, the kind of power that many of us will never know. A white woman only has to do so much as scream rape, whether it’s true or not won’t matter, the person she’s pointing at — a young Black male most likely — will be accused and charged before the public has a chance to breathe straight.

But when a Black woman or a woman of color tells the world she’s been raped, she’s called crazy, institutionalized, drugged up, and put away somewhere so she will remain calm, and most importantly, ever quiet.

The line has to be drawn somewhere, and so yes, we say no to your white straight pride, because we have to deal with the pride of your whiteness every single day.




An eight-year-old went viral online a few years ago for crying because, at the tender age of eight years old, she realized the world would do everything in its power to destroy her life because of the one thing that she can’t control: The color of her skin.

Our Ancestors Toiled in The Gardens, Built Their Own Graves, And Sacrificed Their Lives, So We Could Have Better

Every single day I think about the men, women, and children, who were enslaved by white people. I am proud that I come from the English, Irish, Scottish, and Gypsy people of the world, and also because I come from the Jamaican.

I am proud that I am bisexual. That I am still taking the time to figure out my identity and what it means for my mental health and my spirit.

It’s like the universe was saying “here she is world, a mix of all the things, a mixture of everything beautiful and wonderful in the entire universe, here for you to see.” But instead of seeing my beauty, my strength, my power, the world saw me as something to hate, something to destroy, out of a necessary need to keep things from changing, and evolving.

If we are going to survive as a society, as a race of beings more powerful than any other creature on this planet, we have to do better than our ancestors did.

We have to make a concentrated effort to hear the words “safe space” and stop rolling our eyes. We have to make a deeply concerted effort to stop hating things and people because we don’t understand how they work.

We have to start seeing the majick in the world again and reminding ourselves that we were not sent here to destroy things, we were sent here to learn and examine them, to use what we learn to grow and to become the best versions of our lives.

Trans and non-binary humans have a right to exist, but you don’t have a right to disagree with that statement.

The WWE recently released a new character onto its roster. Cody Rhodes as The American Nightmare, the contradiction to his father’s character The American Dream.

The problem with this new character is that The American Nightmare really is an average white man in a suit. Ask any Black woman or woman of color, and they will tell you that on the list of their greatest fears, a white man in a suit is pretty high up there.

White men, and white women, don’t often think about what their lives would be like if their skin was brown or black, they don’t have to. In the old days, white parents didn’t sit down and have conversations about racism and trauma, they didn’t talk about police violence.

They didn’t have to. The police did exactly what they were supposed to do in those days. They protected white, cis humans, who didn’t deter from the societal norm.

Those same rules that have always protected white, cis, Christians, are doing exactly what they are designed to do, and many of us are running out of steam.

Every day there is another shooting, another war, another woman dead, another child left to the cold. As I write this there are thousands of children out there on the streets somewhere in the world, wondering why no one loves them.

The world was not designed for those of us who are different. And that’s precisely why we’re here.

The Universe likes things to be chaotic, it’s the only way for it to function, but in the chaos there is hope. In the chaos, there are beautifully spirited trans and non-binary folks who refuse to give up. They have more strength in their pinky than most of us have had in our whole lives.

To those people, I say thank you. Thank you for existing, thank you for fighting, and thank you for being who you are. Stay True.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall



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