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Black tax is the elephant in the room nobody is ready to talk about, it is the unspoken rule in the black and brown (people of color) communities it originates from a dark past of slavery, discrimination, and continued economic imbalance.

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An example of such an instance is south Africa with its painful apartheid past (apartheid is an Afrikaans word that means apartness) it was the name of the policy that governed relations between the white minorities and the nonwhite minorities during the mid to the late twentieth century.

During this period black Africans could not own land or property which gave the non-whites limited opportunities, education was

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segregated which made life harder for the nonwhite minorities as a result they struggled to put their children through investing in their children’s futures which created a chain system where the earning relative must provide for the less fortunate relatives and put their younger siblings through school.


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Many black professionals today earn good money from their jobs and innovations feel pressured to share their income with struggling family members.

which makes it impossible for them to build their generational wealth because they don’t have the same advantage and opportunity of building generational wealth.

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Many people of color make good money but because they are the first people to make it in their families they are forced to live paycheck to paycheck because their money isn’t their money it’s their sibling’s tuition fee their parent’s water or electricity bill etc this is known as (inherited black tax).

When all is said and done black tax is black tax but it is up to future generations to change the narrative by forging a different path for their descendants It may not be an easy path to take but it's worth the sacrifice.



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