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The Six-Word Story


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I charge it to Ernest Hemingway yup; he was the one who came into my dream, boasting about his six words stories.

We vision it flash fiction; I do not doubt that something which ends before it commences. But I felt that the concept of it excitedly wanted me to commit a try. Where I can finish up my whole story in 6 words, I knew it was challenging. That’s what made me proceed towards it, or I’m sure I would have let it die its death in my mean gray cells.

I possessed a list of who I felt wanted to surprise; however, Email lost all its shock elements as a communication failure link. What’s app is repeating a series of drudgeries. Initiating calls and talking doesn’t go excellently with my ear wax upshot. I resolved the outdated method of sending letters out. Upon receiving them,

My seventh sense told me the first thought which will dive in,” Diya is no longer in this world.”

The Surprise factor has gotten them kicked in; further, they read a six-word exaggeration shorter than my tongue length; it is a Double Blow.

I embarked upon my journey of doodling, thinking and destroying. Who guided me on an endless journey to find the right path with a punctuation of good words and aiming for the genuine smile.

My correspondence went to my beloved as follows.

Daughters Online KG, wrecking My Version.

Life is Joking, Out of Order.

Face paused Ageing; Teeth exhibited Stretching.

Medium Platform; No psychiatrist Consultation required.

Facing, Worst, Illegal places Summer rashes.

Laziness exposed, ugly face, complained bones.

Everything continues with tides eliminating Me.

Freshly, brought witch Broom, learning Magic.

Webbed World devised me learning Knitting.

Memory cells fading, savoring biting fish.

Bottlenecks gashed Neck Pains keep Opener.

India, Plants walkout ceased; Oxygen Abundance.

First-aid Pedicure, ingrown nails pierce handicapped.

Shrieking, Shouting & Explosion reached Nirvana.

Dog old heartaches, Walking his Style.

Learnt teething problem; is throughout Life.

Stopped Singing, Dancing & Digging Nose.

Disaster; Sleeping pills keep me sane.

Writing changes personality; Eyes commence Thinking.

Smiling dampens your Ego, transmitting Superpowers.

Writing 20 letters made me feel accomplished went in search of the clear, bright, straight image of Ernest Hemingway as in my dream; he seemed fuzzy.

I saluted him, saying Thank You for coming & waking me up.




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