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Excerpts from India’s First Book of Cinquain Poems and Illustrations

Author Image courtesy: Amardeep

Poems grow in the battlefield of love, loss and hope of another summer.

Filled with intense physical imagery Unpause is a celebration of modern micro poetry infused with traditional syllabic roots from seventh century Japan.

The wisdom of nature meets the transience of time through colours and elements explored in verse. Exquisite hand-drawn line art illustrations by the author accompany each poem. Divided into three parts- Colours, Elements and Circle, the book is themed on the rhetorical number 12. Discover unique storytelling in this minimalistic form as you live through the emotions packed in 22 syllables.

Unpause is the first book of Cinquain poetry from India. Ranked at #22 in the Amazon Hot New Poetry Releases in its first week of release, Unpause is a perfect gift for poetry lovers.

Some excerpts from the book:

Unpause is available worldwide as e-book for kindle apps and as Paperback in colour.

You can buy the book here:



And all countries in respective amazon sites.

Hope you read the book and send me your reviews.

Much Love,




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