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Getting your cold emails opened now easy

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Thousands of freelancers sifted to cold pitching and not the freelance marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr.

If you don’t know about cold email, don’t worry I will tell you.

The term “cold email” refers to an unsolicited email sent to a recipient without any prior communication.

Alternatively, you may think of it as the email version of cold calling. Some believe that cold email is not spam and some believe it is spam.

But in my opinion, cold email is not spam, and we find our potential clients with this method.

If you send an email to your future client, the first thing it needs to be open first.

The subject line is the most crucial section of your email.

Even though it is only a few words, you should give your subject line the same attention and care that you do to your body content.

If your subject line does not entice the receiver to read the email, the email's body copy is meaningless.

When it comes to subject lines, stick to the following guidelines:

  • When it makes sense, use their name in the subject line.
  • Make the subject line as descriptive as possible — the higher the open rate, the more personal the subject line.
  • If you’re wondering if it sounds too much like a “marketing email,” you’re right.
  • Experiment with topic line questions.
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4 cold email subject lines that get open rates of +35%

  1. “Introduction: {Name}” or “Introduction {your name/company} <> {their name/company}”
  2. “quick request”
  3. “Trying to connect”
  4. “{Name of their company}”
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Avoid using gimmicky subject lines.

There are some things you can put in your subject line that can increase your open rate. For example, I once received an email with the subject line “I’m very disappointed Rahul” in my inbox.

This subject line successfully drew my attention and compelled me to open the email.

I wondered if I had disappointed someone or failed to fulfill a promise.

Instead, the email’s content said something like “I’m unhappy that we haven’t been able to schedule a call yet.”

I’d never met this person before, and I had no idea who he was. I simply deleted the email and resolved to never do business with that individual or firm again.

Deliver on the promise you made in your subject line in your email. If the disconnect is too great, you’ll have high open rates but low response rates.

Certain subject line hacks can help you increase your open rates. Some subject lines are a little deceptive, but they are really successful at getting your emails opened.

One method that is now a little old and abused by spammers was to simply write, Re: as a subject line, making it appear as though this was a response to a previous email discussion.

Subject lines like “Bad news” or “Strange inquiry” usually get a lot of clicks. However, these techniques might sometimes backfire.

If your prospect perceives you as having “tricked” them into opening an email…

Think about whether this is the greatest method to build trust in a relationship.

You must make this decision for yourself, based on what you believe is suitable for your particular business.



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