my work

my passion is democratizing capital distribution; my expertise is in building new product capabilities and partnerships for finance platforms. I am focused on investing this expertise in platforms that are redesigning clients’ experience and access to finance

consulted to Founders of Less Marketplace for Leasing platform to connect and design the interface between OEM car manufacturers, dealerships and finance partners; including modelling ROI for finance partners

consulted to COO of Aconex to develop financial product commercialization initiatives at this ASX-listed construction SaaS company; consulting across product, growth, and strategic partnerships

explored new investment mandates and growth channels for the CIO and COO at Incline Fund which is a specialized credit / fixed income hedge fund. The fund invests in marketplace loans originated by the Lending Club and Prosper platforms and was the first fund in the marketplace lending space. Established by CIO, Scott Langmack who is an angel investor and Bay Area fintech evangelist

worked with Founders of Flowcast, an ‘Analytics as a Service’ (AI) platform to provide a detailed recommendation of an MVP for a supplier financing product

consulted to Founders of Landed to develop the long-term customer communications strategy for this real estate fintech platform based around a shared equity investment model; designed to help community members raise affordable equity for their homes

consulted to Head of Business Development of Ripple to analyse and advise on the modelled use-cases for their XRP (Ripple’s native currency) and blockchain products

consulted to Herbert Smith Freehills on a $8.2bn securitisation of consumer personal loans, sales finance, credit cards and store cards. Developed structure around cashflow waterfalls, termination or default triggers and trusts

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