The 9th Street Divide

The Black population is in Green, the White population in Orange

Once there was the 9th street divide

A line so wide where so many thrived

from the undiversified sides that magnify

the lies where West voices are forced to die

This here street was a big glass wall

that not even the so-called american football

could hail to end these long fought brawls

that always fought for a “once-and-for-all”

And so that divergence it sat way past late

to stubbornly wait in presence to this date

stuffed with ignorance that only generates hate

and seeks to discriminate and stalemate

those teammates from choosing to cooperate

So why does it wait to stay obscured

when all good peace could be procured

If only those false heads could be assured

that the West side will stay endured

until their rights so firmly secured (and insured)

So blend the pool and let it sink in deep

with one big swoosh that makes the sweep

so no more past can steal the plenty reaps

and all in shared space can go to sweet sleep

without the need for any a peep