How LouieStat is Changing the Face of Louisville Metro Government

Oct 17, 2019 · 3 min read

The Louisville Statistics program, better known as LouieStat, is Louisville Metro Government’s systematic tool for strategic management of performance. It allows departments to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their strategy and operations and helps leaders know what is working well and what needs to be better. Departments use LouieStat to communicate their goals and their plans on how they will accomplish their goals to the Mayor, the city’s leaders, and the residents. LouieStat is essential to what we do because it provides a structured system for understanding where we are, where we want to be, and how we plan to get there. Without LouieStat, our city would lack the tools needed for streamlining processes, identifying gaps, resolving problems, and making data-driven decisions.

Over the last eight years, we’ve engaged intentionally in performance improvement activities and have sought to be better. LouieStat has helped Louisville Metro agencies do their vital tasks more effectively. It has enabled us to solve problems methodically, both proactively through strategic planning and reactively by applying steps outlined in the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) methodology. Through LouieStat, we make decisions based on data and when issues arise, we strategically analyze the root causes to determine proper solutions.

While LouieStat has helped us improve tremendously in years past, we are determined to make it an even better system for continuously improving. For that reason, the Office of Performance Improvement (OPI) recently launched LouieStat 2.0 which is a more comprehensive system that better integrates the three main components of performance management (i.e., performance measurement, strategic planning, and reactive problem solving).

This means that:

· Strategic goals are better aligned with key performance indicators (KPIs) so that progress against the strategy is easily assessed and redirection can occur more quickly.

· We’ve introduced technology that can connect directly to data sources allowing for a more automated report development process and resulting in improved reporting and visualizations of the data.

· Our forums place a greater emphasis on purposeful application of PDCA, collaboration, and determining productive solutions.

LouieStat 2.0 has been lauded by department representatives who feel that the new structure “makes more sense.” Having better tools for building their reports and having better integration of strategy with the metrics have improved the overall quality of the reports and the departments’ ability to succinctly communicate the status of their strategy and operations. The new structure also more easily facilitates the application of PDCA to under-performing goals allowing departments to present to the Louisville Leadership Team a well-thought out business case for any requests they may have to help them improve.

While LouieStat has been recognized as a world-class performance management system, ultimately, the impact that we have locally is of the utmost importance. We strive to be the best so that we can provide the best to our residents. And LouieStat, as our vehicle for driving positive change and ensuring that we deliver excellent services to our residents, helps us to do exactly that.

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